Western Australian Current Acts

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58 .         Confidentiality

        (1)         A person to whom this subsection applies must not, whether directly or indirectly, record, disclose, or make use of any information obtained in the course of duty except —

            (a)         in the course of duty; or

            (b)         as required or allowed by this Act or any other written law; or

            (c)         for the purpose of proceedings for an offence under this Act; or

            (d)         with the written authority of the Minister or the person to whom the information relates; or

            (e)         in other prescribed circumstances.

        Penalty: $5 000.

        (2)         The prohibition in subsection (1) extends to the giving of evidence or the production of a book, document or record in civil proceedings in a court or tribunal.

        (3)         Subsection (1) does not apply to the disclosure of statistical or other information that could not reasonably be expected to lead to the identification of any person to whom it relates.

        (4)         Subsection (1) applies to a person who is or was —

            (a)         a police officer; or

            (b)         a person employed in the department of the Public Service principally assisting in the administration of the Police Act 1892 .

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