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198 .         Further provisions relating to authority to administer, manufacture, supply or prescribe poisons

        (1)         In this section —

        authorisation means an authorisation given under section 197(2)(a);

        direction means a direction given under section 197(3).

        (2)         An authorisation —

            (a)         is subject to any limitation in a declaration under section 167(3)(b) or 169 or 170; and

            (b)         must state that it is given under section 197; and

            (c)         must generally describe the public health state of emergency, or COVID-19 declaration, to which it relates; and

            (d)         must specify —

                  (i)         the person, or class of persons, to whom it applies; and

                  (ii)         the poison, or class of poisons, to which it applies; and

                  (iii)         the terms and conditions (if any) to which it is subject.

        (3)         The Chief Health Officer may vary or revoke an authorisation or a direction.

        (4)         Authorisations and directions, and variations and revocations of authorisations or directions —

            (a)         may be given orally or in writing; but

            (b)         if given orally, must be put in writing as soon as is practicable.

        (5)         A failure to put an authorisation or direction, or a variation of an authorisation or direction, in writing does not invalidate the authorisation, direction or variation or anything done under the authorisation or direction.

        (6)         The powers that an authorisation confers on a person are in addition to, and do not limit, the powers that the person may have under another written law or other law.

        [Section 198 amended: No. 33 of 2022 s. 22.]

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