Western Australian Current Acts

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           Long Title

   PART I -- Preliminary  

   1.      Short title
   2.      Terms used
   3.      Construction of applied provisions

   PART II -- The writ for a referendum  

   4.      Issue of writ
   5.      Form of writ
   6.      Address of writ and action on receipt
   7.      Arrangements for taking votes
   8.      Additional action in case of referendum as to Bill
   9.      Arguments in relation to referendum question

   PART III -- Voting at a referendum  

   10.     Voting on same day
   11.     Provisions of Electoral Act as to postal, absent voting etc. to apply
   12.     Polling places
   13.     Rolls
   14.     Voting entitlement
   15.     Question to be submitted to electors
   16.     Voting to be by ballot
   17.     Ballot papers
   18.     Provisions of Electoral Act as to ordinary voting etc. to apply
   19.     Simultaneous poll for referendum and election
   20.     Scrutineers at polling

   PART IV -- Ascertainment of result of referendum  

   21.     Terms used
   22.     Scrutiny and count of votes
   23.     Scrutineers at count
   24.     Informal ballot papers
   25.     Appointment of assistant returning officers and counting places to expedite count
   26.     Procedure for assistant returning officers
   27.     Procedure for returning officers
   28.     Appointment of assistant returning officers to count postal, absent votes etc.
   29.     Re-count

   PART V -- Return of writ and statement of result of referendum  

   30.     Return of writ and publication of statement
   31.     Validity of referendum
   32.     Retention, production and destruction of papers

   PART VI -- Disputed returns  

   33.     Reference to Supreme Court
   34.     Question
   35.     Powers of Supreme Court
   36.     Representation
   37.     Procedure
   38.     Notification of determination
   39.     Immaterial errors not to vitiate referendum

   PART VII -- Referendum offences  

   40.     Provisions of Electoral Act as to offences to apply
   41.     Supply of refreshments or entertainment
   42.     Bribery
   43.     Receipt of bribe by elector
   44.     Undue influence
   45.     Purposely rendering person unable to vote or incapable of voting
   46.     Misleading advertisements etc.
   47.     Misconduct at public meeting
   48.     Advertisements relating to referendums

   PART VIII -- Miscellaneous  

   49.     Regulations
   50.     Temporary assistance
   51.     Disqualification of officers
           Defined terms

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