Western Australian Current Acts

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           Long Title

   PART 1 -- Preliminary  

   1.      Short title
   2.      Commencement
   3.      Terms used
   4.      Land etc. belonging to State, references to
   5.      Disposing of land etc. belonging to State, references to
   6.      Things on land, meaning of
   7.      Property in things on land
   8.      Government railways, effect on of disposals etc. under this Act
   9.      Relationship with other Acts
   10.     Act binds Crown

   PART 2 -- Disposal and related matters

           Division 1 -- Disposal, generally  

   11.     Proposals for disposal of rail freight business
   12.     Limitations on disposal of land
   13.     Agreements to give effect to proposals for disposals
   14.     Agreements under s. 13, content of
   15.     Land Administration Act 1997 s. 18, operation of affected
   16.     Authority’s functions
   18.     Auditor General may disclose information
   19.     Effect of this Part on contracts etc.
   20.     Indemnities and guarantees, provision of by State
   21.     Regulations

           Division 2 -- Assignment and related matters  

   22.     Terms used
   23.     Transfer orders
   24.     Transfer orders, consequences of
   25.     Transfer order etc., completion of transactions for
   26.     Certain instruments as to Authority’s internal arrangements may be specified in transfer order
   27.     Records, arrangements for delivery of etc.
   28.     Registration of documents to show effect of transfer orders etc.
   29.     Error in transfer order, correcting
   30.     Proceeds of disposals, application of

   PART 3 -- Railway corridors

           Division 1 -- Preliminary and administrative matters  

   31.     Term used: Authority land
   32.     Authority’s powers for purposes of this Act
   33.     Guidelines for Authority

           Division 2 -- Ordering land to be, or be no longer, corridor land  

   34.     Authority land, designating as corridor land or land other than corridor land
   35.     Corridor land, descriptions of and orders as to
   36.     Land other than Authority land, designating as corridor land
   37.     Land may be ordered to be no longer corridor land
   38.     Identifying land in an order
   39.     Errors in order, correcting
   40.     When order comes into operation
   41.     Notation on title to corridor land

           Division 3 -- Dealing with corridor land and things on it  

   42.     Authority’s functions as to corridor land and certain things on it
   43.     Authority to fulfil State’s obligations under s. 13 agreement
   44.     Other persons to convey property disposed of by Authority

           Division 4 -- Regulatory and other matters to do with corridor land  

   45.     Dividing Fences Act 1961, application of to corridor land
   46.     Corridor land not subject to certain rates or taxes
   47.     No construction on corridor land without consent
   48.     Restrictions on use etc. of corridor land
   49.     Delegation by Authority
   50.     Regulations, specific subjects for
   51.     Protecting corridor land etc., use of entry powers for
   52.     Assistants etc., entry by
   53.     Entering property, general procedure for
   54.     Notice of intended entry
   55.     Entry under warrant
   56.     Entry in an emergency
   57.     Purpose of entry to be given on request

   PART 4 -- Miscellaneous  

   58.     Civil penalty, agreements etc. may provide for
   59.     Regulations

   PART 5 -- Amendments to, or modification of, other Acts

           Division 4 -- Land Administration Act 1997  

   96.     Act amended or modified
   100.    Sections 187-191 not to apply
   101.    Taking of land to be as if for conferral of rights

           Division 7 -- Planning and Development Act 2005  

   105.    Sections 135 and 136 not to apply
           Defined terms
           Compilation table

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