Western Australian Current Acts

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           Long Title

   PART I -- Preliminary  

   1.      Short title
   2.      Commencement
   3.      Terms used
   4.      Application
   5.      Application of Interpretation Act 1984 to orders

   PART II -- Administration  

   6.      Officers
   7.      Inspectors
   8.      Inspector’s certificate
   9.      Inspector subject to chief executive officer

   PART III -- Retail trading hours  

   10.     Categories of retail shops
   11.     Certifying shops as small retail shops or special retail shops
   12.     Trading hours for some general retail shops
   12B.    Trading hours for motor vehicle shops
   12C.    No restriction on trading hours for small retail shops
   12D.    Trading hours for special retail shops
   12E.    Variation of trading hours
   14.     No restriction on trading hours for filling stations
   14A.    Goods that can be sold at filling stations
   15.     Permits
   16.     Covenants relating to opening of retail shops

   PART IV -- Miscellaneous  

   22.     Covenants contrary to this Act negated
   23.     Auctions of domestic furniture at dwelling house
   24.     When retail shop deemed not to be closed
   25.     Offences as to operating retail shops
   26.     Advertisements of retail shopping hours, restrictions on
   27.     Chief executive officer’s powers
   27A.    Delegation
   28.     Access to places, books etc.
   29.     Inspector or authorised person may require information
   30.     Obstructing etc. inspector, authorised person etc.
   31.     Protection of person questioned
   32.     Unauthorised disclosure of information
   33.     Offences as to dishonesty or damage
   35.     Records etc. for this Act, availability of
   36.     Records etc. for this Act to be in English
   37.     Prosecutions of offences need chief executive officer’s consent
   38.     Protection of officers, members and others
   39.     Evidentiary provisions
   40.     Regulations
   41.      Review of Act
   42.     Savings
           Other notes
           Defined terms

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