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           Long Title

   PART 1 -- Preliminary  

   1.      Short title
   2.      Commencement
   3.      Application of this Act
   4A.     Courts and Tribunals (Electronic Processes Facilitation) Act 2013 Part 2 applies
   4.      Terms used
   5.      Civil liability not affected

   PART 2 -- General matters

           Division 1 -- Sentencing principles  

   6.      Principles of sentencing
   7.      Aggravating factors
   8.      Mitigating factors
   9AA.    Plea of guilty, sentence may be reduced in case of

           Division 2A -- Sentencing where declared criminal organisations involved  

   9A.     Terms used
   9B.     Application of this Division
   9C.     Principal objectives of sentencing for offences where declared criminal organisation involved
   9D.     Mandatory minimum sentences where declared criminal organisation involved
   9E.     Section 9D not applicable to persons aged under 18
   9F.     Further provisions relating to mandatory minimum sentences imposed under section 9D
   9G.     Eligibility for parole

           Division 2 -- Miscellaneous  

   9.      Statutory penalty, effect of
   10.     Change of statutory penalty, effect of
   11.     Person not to be sentenced twice on same evidence
   12.     Common law bonds abolished

   PART 3 -- Matters preliminary to sentencing

           Division 1 -- Preliminary  

   13.     Term used: victim

           Division 2 -- General  

   14.     Offender to be present for sentencing
   14A.    Video link, use of for sentencing
   15.     Court may inform itself as it thinks fit
   16.     Adjourning sentencing
   17.     Court’s powers on adjourning
   18.     Committal for sentence

           Division 3 -- Information about the offender  

   20.     Pre-sentence report, court may order
   21.     Pre-sentence report, content of
   22.     Pre-sentence report, preparation of
   23.     Offender’s time in custody etc., information about

           Division 4 -- Information about victims etc.  

   23A.    Terms used
   24.     Victim impact statement, who may give
   25.     Victim impact statement, content of
   26.     Court’s functions in relation to victim impact statement

           Division 5 -- Mediation  

   27.     Mediation report, court may order and receive
   28.     Mediation report, content of
   29.     Mediation report, preparation of
   30.     Mediation report, court’s powers as to

           Division 6 -- Other pending charges  

   31.     Term used: pending charge
   32.     Pending charges, offender may request court to deal with
   33.     Pending charges, court may deal with

   PART 3A -- Pre-sentence order

           Division 1 -- General  

   33A.    When PSO may be made
   33B.    PSO, nature of
   33C.    Making a PSO
   33D.    PSO, standard obligations of
   33E.    PSO, primary requirements of
   33F.    Supervision requirement
   33G.    Programme requirement
   33H.    Curfew requirement
   33I.    Performance reports about offenders on PSOs
   33J.    Sentencing day, offender to be sentenced on etc.
   33K.    Sentencing offender after PSO

           Division 2 -- Amending and enforcing PSOs  

   33L.    Term used: requirement
   33M.    Application to amend or cancel PSO
   33N.    Court may confirm, amend or cancel PSO
   33O.    Re-offending while subject to PSO, consequences of
   33P.    Breach etc. of PSO, powers of CEO (corrections) and court
   33Q.    Facilitation of proof

   PART 4 -- The sentencing process  

   34.     Explanation of sentence
   35.     Reasons for imprisonment to be given in some cases
   36.     Warrant of commitment to be issued if imprisonment imposed
   37.     Correction of sentence
   37A.    Offender reneging on promise to assist authorities may be re-sentenced
   38.     Imprisonment by JPs, magistrate to review

   PART 5 -- Sentencing options  

   39.     Natural person, sentences for
   40.     Body corporate, sentences for
   41.     If statutory penalty is imprisonment only: sentencing options
   42.     If statutory penalty is imprisonment and fine: sentencing options
   43.     If statutory penalty is imprisonment or fine: sentencing options
   44.     If statutory penalty is fine only: sentencing options
   45.     Spent conviction order, making and effect of

   PART 6 -- Release of offender without sentence  

   46.     Release without sentence

   PART 7 -- Conditional release order  

   47.     When CRO may be imposed
   48.     CRO, nature of
   49.     CRO, requirements of
   50.     Court may direct offender to re-appear
   51.     Ensuring compliance with CRO
   52.     Enforcing CRO

   PART 8 -- Fine  

   53.     Considerations when imposing fine
   54.     One fine for 2 or more offences
   55.     Apportionment of fine between joint offenders
   56.     Assault victim may be awarded fine
   57.     Enforcement of fine
   57A.    Enforcement of fine by means of WDO
   57B.    Court may cancel s. 57A order on application of Fines Enforcement Registrar
   58.     Imprisonment until fine paid
   59.     Imprisonment if fine not paid
   60.     Application of fine etc.

   PART 8A -- Suspended fine  

   60A.    When fine may be suspended
   60B.    Effect of suspending fine
   60C.    Re-offender may be dealt with or committed
   60D.    Alleging re-offending in court
   60E.    How re-offender to be dealt with

   PART 9 -- Community based order  

   61.     Pre-sentence report optional before imposing CBO
   62.     CBO, nature of
   63.     CBO, standard obligations of
   64.     CBO, primary requirements of
   65.     Supervision requirement
   66.     Programme requirement
   67.     Community service requirement

   PART 10 -- Intensive supervision order  

   68.     Pre-sentence report mandatory before imposing ISO
   69.     ISO, nature of
   70.     ISO, standard obligations of
   71.     Supervision requirement
   72.     ISO, primary requirements of
   73.     Programme requirement
   74.     Community service requirement
   75.     Curfew requirement

   PART 11 -- Suspended imprisonment  

   76.     When imprisonment may be suspended
   77.     Effect of suspending imprisonment
   78.     Re-offender may be dealt with or committed
   79.     Re-offending, alleging in court
   80.     How re-offender to be dealt with

   PART 12 -- Conditional suspended imprisonment

           Division 1 -- Imposition and effect of CSI  

   81.     Certain courts may suspend imprisonment conditionally
   82.     Effect of CSI
   83.     CSI, standard obligations of
   84.     CSI, primary requirements of
   84A.    Programme requirement
   84B.    Supervision requirement
   84C.    Curfew requirement

           Division 2 -- Consequences of re-offending  

   84D.    Re-offender may be dealt with or committed
   84E.    Re-offending, alleging in court
   84F.    How re-offender to be dealt with

           Division 3 -- Amending, cancelling and enforcing CSI requirements  

   84G.    Term used: CSI requirement
   84H.    Application to amend or cancel CSI requirement
   84I.    Court may confirm, amend or cancel CSI requirement
   84J.    Breach of CSI requirement, offence
   84K.    Offence under s. 84J, procedure and penalty for
   84L.    Additional powers to deal with s. 84J offender
   84M.    Facilitation of proof

           Division 4 -- Functions of speciality courts as to CSI  

   84N.    Application of this Division
   84O.    Speciality court may direct offender on CSI to appear
   84P.    Speciality court to deal with re-offender
   84Q.    Speciality court to deal with application to amend or cancel CSI
   84R.    Speciality court to deal with proceedings for breaches

   PART 13 -- Imprisonment

           Division 1 -- Preliminary  

   85.     Terms used and calculations

           Division 2 -- Imposing imprisonment  

   86.     Term of 6 months or less not to be imposed
   87.     Time on remand may be taken into account
   88.     Concurrent, cumulative or partly cumulative terms
   89.     Parole eligibility order, court may make
   90.     Life imprisonment for murder, imposing

           Division 3 -- Release from imprisonment  

   93.     Release from parole term
   94A.    Release on parole of prisoners subject to Prisoners (Interstate Transfer) Act 1983
   94.     Aggregation of parole terms for certain purposes
   95A.    Eligibility for parole where certain mandatory minimum sentences imposed
   95.     Release from fixed term that is not parole term
   96.     Release from life imprisonment

           Division 4 -- Miscellaneous  

   97.     Sentence Administration Act 2003, operation of
   97A.    Declaration of serious violent offence for purposes of Sentence Administration Act 2003 Part 5A

   PART 14 -- Indefinite imprisonment  

   98.     Indefinite imprisonment, superior court may impose
   99.     Other terms not precluded by indefinite imprisonment
   100.    When indefinite imprisonment commences
   101.    Release from indefinite imprisonment

   PART 15 -- Other orders forming part of a sentence

           Division 1 -- General matters  

   102.    General provisions
   103.    Disqualification order, calculation of term of
   104.    Disqualification may be for life

           Division 2 -- Disqualification orders  

   105.    Driver’s licence disqualification
   106.    Firearms licence etc. disqualification
   107.    Marine qualification disqualification
   108.    Passport, surrender of etc.

   PART 16 -- Reparation orders

           Division 1 -- General matters  

   109.    Term used: reparation order
   110.    General provisions
   111.    Making a reparation order
   112.    Facts relevant to making reparation order
   113.    Victim’s behaviour and relationship relevant
   114.    Civil standard of proof applies
   114A.   Victim may appeal against refusal of reparation order
   115.    Effect of reparation order on civil proceedings etc.

           Division 2 -- Compensation order  

   116.    Terms used
   117.    Compensation order in favour of victim
   118.    Compensation order in favour of third party
   119.    Enforcing compensation order
   119A.   Imprisonment until compensation paid, court may order

           Division 3 -- Restitution order  

   120.    Making restitution order
   120A.   Enforcing restitution order, Sheriff’s powers for
   121.    Enforcing restitution order, court’s powers for
   122.    Non-compliance with restitution order, offence

   PART 17 -- Other orders not forming part of a sentence  

   123.    General provisions
   124.    Restraining Orders Act 1997 s. 63 restraining order, s. 123 applies to
   124A.   Community Protection (Offender Reporting) Act 2004 s. 13 offender reporting order, s. 123 applies to
   124B.   Prohibited Behaviour Orders Act 2010 prohibited behaviour order, s. 123 applies to
   124C.   Orders under Criminal Organisations Control Act 2012

   PART 18 -- Amending and enforcing conditional release orders and community orders

           Division 1 -- Preliminary  

   125.    Term used: requirements; and interpretation

           Division 2 -- Amending or cancelling conditional release orders and community orders  

   126.    Application to amend or cancel
   127.    Court may confirm, amend or cancel

           Division 3 -- Re-offending while subject to a conditional release order or a community order  

   128.    Re-offender may be dealt with or committed
   129.    Re-offending, alleging in court
   130.    How re-offender may be dealt with

           Division 4 -- Breaching a conditional release order or a community order  

   131.    Breach of requirement, offence
   132.    Offence under s. 131, procedure and penalty for
   133.    Additional powers to deal with s. 131 offender

           Division 5 -- Miscellaneous  

   134.    Facilitation of proof
   135.    Compliance with CRO or community order to be taken into account
   136.    Re-sentencing, court’s powers for

           Division 6 -- Functions of speciality courts  

   136A.   Application of Division
   136B.   Term used: court
   136C.   Court may direct offender on community order to appear
   136D.   Court to deal with re-offender
   136E.   Court to deal with application to amend or cancel community order
   136F.   Court to deal with proceedings for breaches

   PART 18A -- Review of conditional orders  

   136G.   Terms used
   136H.   Application to review
   136I.   Court may confirm, amend or cancel

   PART 19 -- Royal Prerogative of Mercy  

   137.    Royal Prerogative of Mercy not affected
   138.    Pardon, effect of
   139.    Order to pay money, Governor may remit
   140.    Petition for mercy may be referred to Court of Appeal
   141.    Offender may be paroled
   142.    Strict security life imprisonment, exercise of Prerogative in case of

   PART 20 -- Miscellaneous  

   143.    Guideline judgments by Court of Appeal
   143A.   Sentencing guidelines for courts of summary jurisdiction
   144.    Chief Justice may report to Parliament
   145.    Non-compliance with procedural requirements, effect of
   145A.   Existence of circumstances of aggravation is question for judge to determine
   146.    Questions of fact in superior courts
   147.    Operation of other Acts not affected
   148.    Regulations
   149.     Rules of court

   PART 21 -- Transitional and review provisions  

   150A.   Sentencing Amendment Act 2012 amendments, application of
   150AB.  Application of Sentencing Legislation Amendment Act 2016 amendments about circumstances of aggravation
   150B.   Review of s. 9AA
   150.    Review of Act
           SCHEDULE 1A -- Relevant indictable and simple offences for purposes of Part 2 Division 2A
           SCHEDULE 1 -- Acts, fines under which are not to be credited to the Consolidated Account
           Compilation table

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