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           Long Title

   PART I -- Preliminary, and other matters  

   1.      Short title
   2.      Commencement
   3.      Terms used
   5.      Relevant Acts
   8.      Vesting interest in land in Minister

   PART II -- The Minister and the Water Resources Ministerial Body

           Division 1 -- General functions and powers of the Minister  

   9.      General functions and powers of Minister
   10.     Functions and powers of Minister -- relation to other functions and powers

           Division 2 -- The Water Resources Ministerial Body  

   11.     Water Resources Ministerial Body established
   12.     Purpose and nature of Ministerial Body
   13.     Execution of documents by Ministerial Body

           Division 3 -- Minister to have access to certain information  

   14.     Minister may get certain information from water service licensees
   15.     Use or disclosure of information obtained under s.

   PART IIA -- The Water Resources Council  

   16.     Water Resources Council established
   17.     Membership of Council
   18.     Functions of Council
   19.     Term of office
   20.     Casual vacancy
   21.     Remuneration and allowances
   22.     Quorum
   23.     Who presides at meetings
   24.     Disclosure of interests
   25.     Procedure at meetings
   26.     Minutes
   27.     Staff and other resources
   28.     Application of Financial Management Act 2006

   PART IIB -- Regulations and by-laws  

   34.     By-laws
   36.     Regulations and by-laws generally
   37.     Regulations
   38.      Revocation or amendment of local laws and local planning schemes

   PART III -- Liability, indemnity etc.  

   62.     Damage to land etc. by Minister or Corporation, compensation for etc.
   63.     Actions for damages generally

   PART VI -- Entry onto land  

   70.     Power of entry
   71.     Power of inspection etc.
   72.     Notice of entry
   73.     Rights as to entry etc. in emergency

   PART VII -- Acquisition of land or interests in land  

   74.     Term used: land
   75.     Partial interests in land, acquisition of
   77.     Agreements incidental to land matters
   78.     Power to dispose of acquired land no longer needed for statutory purpose
   79.     Subdivision of acquired land
   81.     Claims against Crown for use of land and application of Public Works Act 1902

   PART VIII -- Works

           Division 1 -- Carrying out of works under this Part  

   82.     Power to carry out works
   83.     Powers relating to works
   84.     Property in works

           Division 2 -- Preliminaries to works

              Subdivision A -- Interpretation  

   86.     Terms used

              Subdivision B -- Major works  

   87.     Power to carry out major works
   88.     Advertisements and notices to occupiers etc. of proposed major works
   89.     Objections to and comments on proposed major works
   91.     Alteration or extension of major works, Minister’s powers as to

              Subdivision C -- General works  

   92.     Power to carry out general works
   93.     Notices to occupiers etc. of proposed general works
   94.     Objections to and comments on proposed general works
   95.     Authorisation for general works

              Subdivision D -- Exempt works  

   96.     Minister to carry out exempt works

              Subdivision E -- Deviation and modification  

   97.     Certain deviations from and modifications of proposed works permitted

   PART IX -- Infringement notices  

   103.    Infringement notices

   PART X -- Administrative provisions  

   104.    Delegation by Minister
   105.    Delegation by CEO
   106.    Directions to Corporation etc. about Government policy
   107.    Non-public sector staff for Department
   108.    Provision of departmental staff, services and facilities to related entities
   109.    Advisory committees
   110.    Laying documents before Parliament
   111.    Protection from personal liability
   112.    Confidential information
           Uncommenced provisions table
           Other notes
           Defined terms

        [Heading amended: No. 73 of 1995 s. 5.]

[Division 1 heading deleted: No. 73 of 1995 s. 6.]

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