Western Australian Current Acts

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           Long Title

   PART I -- Preliminary  

   1.      Short title
   2.      Commencement
   4.      Interpretation

   PART II -- Western Australian Greyhound Racing Association  

   5.      Establishment of Association
   6.      Association does not represent the Crown
   7.      Functions of Association
   7A.     Powers of the Association
   8.      Delegation

   PART III -- The board, Chairman, Deputy Chairman and staff of the Association  

   9.      The board
   10.     Functions, duties and powers
   11.     Board subject to Minister
   12.     Composition of board
   13.     Chairman and Deputy Chairman of Association
   14.     Schedule 1 applicable to board
   15.     Staff of Association

   PART IV -- Finance  

   16.     The Fund
   18.     Investment
   19.     Application of Financial Management Act 2006 and the Auditor General Act 2006

   PART V -- Offences and enforcement  

   21.     Preventing performance of powers and functions
   22.     False or misleading statements

   PART VII -- Miscellaneous  

   32.     Information and annual report
   33.     Recovery of money
   34.     How legal proceedings taken
   35.     Protection from liability etc.
   36.     Publication of proceedings, etc., of greyhound racing inquiries privileged
   37.     Regulations

   PART VIII -- Repeal, transitional and saving  

   40.     Conduct of greyhound racing at Cannington race course
           SCHEDULE 1 -- Provisions as to board  
           SCHEDULE 3 -- Provisions as to take-over by Association of conduct of operations at Cannington race course  
           Compilation table

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