Western Australian Current Acts

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           Long Title

   PART 1 -- Preliminary  

   1.      Short title
   2.      Commencement
   3.      Objects
   4.      Terms used

   PART 2 -- Western Australian Land Authority

           Division 1 -- Establishment  

   5.      Authority established
   5A.     Authority is not an agent of Crown
   5B.     Authority and officers not part of public sector
   6.      Board of directors
   7.      Functions of board
   8.      Remuneration and expenses of directors
   8A.     Conflict of duties
   8B.     Disclosure of material personal interests

           Division 2 -- Staff  

   10.     Chief executive officer
   11A.    Remuneration of chief executive officer while Authority is not a Government entity
   11B.    Remuneration of chief executive officer while Authority is a Government entity
   11.     Other staff
   12.     Minimum standards for staff management
   13.     Reports to Public Sector Commissioner about observance of minimum standards
   13A.    Superannuation
   14.     Saving in respect of public service officer

           Division 3 -- Conduct and integrity of staff  

   14A.    Duties of staff etc. (Sch. 1A)
   14B.    Codes of conduct
   14C.    Reports to Public Sector Commissioner about observance of codes of conduct
   14D.    Reports to Minister about observance of codes of conduct

   PART 3 -- Functions and powers  

   16.     Functions
   16A.    Authority to act in accordance with policy instrument
   16B.    Authority to consider social etc. outcomes
   16C.    Authority can act at its discretion
   17.     Powers
   17A.    Transactions that require Ministerial approval
   17B.    Exemptions from s. 17A
   17C.    Term used: transaction
   18.     Joondalup Centre plan
   19.     Authority to act on commercial principles
   20.     Compulsory taking of land
   21.     Dedication of Crown land to purposes of Act
   22.     Subsidiaries
   23.     Delegation
   23A.    People dealing with Authority may make assumptions
   23B.    Third parties may make assumptions
   23C.    Assumptions that may be made
   23D.    Exception to s. 23A and 23B

   PART 3A -- Provisions about accountability

           Division 1 -- Ministerial directions and provision of information  

   23E.    Independence of Authority
   24.     Minister may give directions
   24A.    Consultation between board and Minister
   24B.    Minister to be kept informed
   24C.    Notice of financial difficulty
   24D.    Protection from liability
   25.     Minister to have access to information

           Division 2 -- Strategic development plans and statements of corporate intent  

   25A.    Strategic development plan and statement of corporate intent

           Division 3 -- Reporting requirements  

   25B.    Half-yearly reports
   25BA.   Annual reports
   25BB.   Contents of annual reports
   25C.    Deletion of commercially sensitive matters from reports

   PART 5 -- Financial provisions  

   31.     Accounts
   32.     Liability of Authority for duties, taxes, rates etc.
   33.     Investment
   34.     Borrowing
   35.     Borrowing restrictions
   35A.    Hedging transactions
   36.     Guarantees by State
   37.     Charges for guarantee given under s.
   38.      Dividends
   39.     Limited application of Financial Management Act 2006 or Auditor General Act 2006
   40.     Financial administration and audit (Sch. 3A)

   PART 7 -- Miscellaneous  

   45.     Execution of documents
   45AA.   Contract formalities
   45A.    Supplementary provision about laying documents before Parliament
   47.     Regulations
   48.      Review of Act
   50.     Repeals, savings and transitional (Sch. 4)
   51.     Transfer of certain assets etc. of WADC
           SCHEDULE 1 -- Board and directors
           SCHEDULE 1A -- Provisions about duties of chief executive officer and staff
           SCHEDULE 2 -- Area comprising Joondalup Centre
           SCHEDULE 3 -- Provisions to be included in constitution of subsidiaries  
           SCHEDULE 3A -- Financial administration and audit
           SCHEDULE 4 -- Transitional and savings provisions  
           Compilation table

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