Western Australian Current Acts

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           Long Title

   1.      Short title
   2.      Terms used in this Act
   3.      Actions to be in name of chairman
   4.      Memorial of chairman’s and members’ names to be recorded in Supreme Court
   5.      No action to be brought until memorial is recorded
   6.      Effect of judgment against chairman
   7.      Racecourse vested in chairman for term created by Crown grant of 11 September 1877
   8.      Crown may demise lands to chairman
   9.      Lands and other property to be vested in chairman
   10.     Lands vested in chairman to be held for racecourse only
   11.     Lands already demised to be held for purpose of racecourse
   12.     Committee may maintain buildings already erected and erect others
   13.     By-laws
   21.     Obstructing officers etc. of committee or trespassing upon racecourse
   22.     Transient offender may be arrested
   23.     Liability to penalty not to relieve from other liabilities
   24.     Committee may fix tolls and charges
   25.     Chairman may let lands, buildings or tolls
   26.     Borrowing powers
   28.     Power to give security
   29.     Transfer of mortgage
   30.     Rights of mortgagees
   31.     Arrears of interest: when to be enforced by appointment of receiver
   32.     Appointment of receiver
   33.     Commissioner of Crown Lands may authorise inspection of racecourse and buildings
   34.     Commissioner of Crown Lands may give notice to repair etc.
   35.     Service of notice
   36.     Committee to repair etc. upon notice
   37.     Officers to give security
   38.     Accounts to be kept
   39.     Appointment of auditors
   40.     Books to be balanced and audited
   41.     Copy of annual account to be submitted to chief executive officer
   41A.    Inspection of annual account
   42.     Club not to be incorporated
   43.     If racecourse not maintained and used, land to revert to Crown
   44.     Building to be paid for if possession re-resumed
   45.     Saving of rights
           Compilation table

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