Western Australian Current Acts

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           Long Title

   PART I -- Preliminary  

   1.      Short title
   2.      Commencement
   3.      Purposes
   4.      Application of Act generally
   5.      Terms used
   5A.     Indexation of certain amounts

   PART II -- Application of this Act in respect of certain persons and bodies  

   6.      Local governments and other authorities
   7.      Tributers
   8.      Baptist clergymen
   9.      Anglican clergy
   10.     Other clergymen
   10A.    Working directors
   11.     Contracted sporting contestants are not workers
   11A.    Jockeys
   12.     Compensation not payable in some cases for injury or death before 28 Nov 1977
   13.     Act s. 11 and 12 do not affect case where compensation paid before 28 Nov 1977
   14.     Workers employed by Crown
   16.     Workers employed on some ships
   17.     Crew of fishing vessel

   PART III -- Compensation

           Division 1 -- Injury: general  

   18.     Employers liable to pay compensation for injuries to workers
   19.     Personal injury by accident arising out of or in course of employment, meaning of
   20.     Compensation not payable unless worker’s employment connected with WA
   21.     Compensation payable from date of incapacity
   22.     Serious and wilful misconduct by worker, effect of
   23.     Person not to be compensated twice

           Division 1a -- Determination by courts and recognition of determination  

   23A.    Term used: court
   23B.    Determining if WA is connected with worker’s employment
   23C.    Application to District Court to determine which State is connected with worker’s employment
   23D.    Recognition of previous determinations
   23E.    Determination may be made by consent

           Division 2 -- Discontinued regime for lump sum payments for specified injuries  

   24.     Injuries in Sch. 2 occurring before 14 Nov 2005, worker may elect to get lump sum for
   24A.    Noise induced hearing loss, worker may elect to get lump sum for in some cases
   24B.    Election under s. 24 or 24A
   25.     Term used: loss of
   26.     Further loss of use of part or faculty of body due to subsequent injury, compensation for
   27.     Compensation decisions etc. made before 18 May 1978, on basis of Sch. 2, effect of
   28.     Limit on compensation for worker electing under s. 24B
   29.     Effect of s. 24 and 24A on compensation for incapacity
   30.     Compensation payable before election under s. 24B
   31.     Sch. 2 Part 1, interpretation of

           Division 2A -- New regime for lump sum payments for specified injuries  

   31A.    Application of Division
   31B.    Term used: degree of permanent impairment
   31C.    Permanent impairments in Sch. 2, worker may elect to get lump sum for
   31D.    Permanent impairments in Sch. 2, assessment of degree of
   31E.    Noise induced hearing loss, worker may elect to get lump sum for in some cases
   31F.    AIDS, compensation for
   31G.    Further loss of use of part or faculty of body due to subsequent injury, compensation for
   31H.    Election under s. 31C or 31E
   31I.    Effect of election under s. 31H
   31J.    Limit on compensation for worker electing under s. 31H
   31K.    Compensation payable before election under s. 31H

           Division 3 -- Injury: specified industrial diseases  

   32.     Some industrial diseases in Sch. 3, compensation for
   33.     Pneumoconiosis, mesothelioma, lung cancer or diffuse pleural fibrosis
   34.     Chronic bronchitis and pneumoconiosis, limit on compensation for
   35.     Lung cancer and asbestosis, limit on compensation for
   36.     Claim under s. 33 or 34, referring worker to medical panel
   37.     Oral submission to medical panel by medical practitioner
   38.     Questions to be determined by medical panel
   39.     Tuberculosis and pneumoconiosis, compensation for
   40.     Death without prior incapacity, effect of for this Division
   41.     Last employer liable but may join others
   42.     How compensation calculated
   43.     Employer to whom notice to be given
   44.     Diseases in Sch. 3 deemed due to employment in process in Sch. 3
   45.     Additions to Sch. 3
   46.     Compensation limited to prescribed amount
   47.     Some workers not entitled to compensation
   48.     Sch. 3 diseases to be notified by employer etc.

           Division 4A -- Injury: specified diseases contracted by firefighters  

   49A.    Terms used
   49B.    Application of Division
   49C.    When firefighting employment taken to contribute to specified disease
   49D.    Date of injury
   49E.    Review of Division

           Division 4 -- Injury: specified losses of functions  

   49.     Loss of function in Sch. 4, when injury occurs as a result of
   51.     Last employer liable but may join others
   52.     How compensation calculated
   53.     Employer to whom notice given
   54.     Loss of function in Sch. 4 deemed due to employment in process in Sch. 4
   55.     Additions to Sch. 4

           Division 5 -- Commencement, review, suspension, and cessation of payments  

   56.     When entitlement to weekly payments ceases due to age
   57.     Effect of s. 56 on Sch. 2 and expenses
   57A.    Claims procedure where employer insured
   57B.    Claims procedure where employer is self-insured or uninsured
   57BA.   Notices under s. 57A and 57B, form and content of
   57C.    Weekly payments, WorkCover WA to be notified about
   57D.    Confidentiality of information given under s. 57C
   58.     Liability for weekly payments, arbitrator may determine
   59.     Workers who claim compensation to notify employers as to remunerated work
   60.     Discontinuing or reducing weekly payments, order as to
   61.     Discontinuing or reducing weekly payments without order
   62.     Reviewing and discontinuing, suspending or changing weekly payments
   63.     No compensation if right to compensation suspended
   64.     Medical examination, worker claiming injury may be required to attend
   65.     Periodical medical examination, workers on weekly payments may be required to attend
   66.     Regulations as to medical examinations
   66A.    Additional medical examinations
   67.     Lump sum in redemption of weekly payments
   68.     Calculation of lump sum for s. 67(4)
   69.     Worker not residing in WA, continuance of weekly payments to
   70.     Medical reports, provision of to worker or employer
   71.     Payments to unentitled person, recovery of
   72.     Suspending entitlement while worker in prison
   72A.    Suspending etc. entitlement for not undergoing medical examination
   72B.    Suspending etc. entitlement for not participating in return to work program

           Division 5A -- Claims by dependants and others for compensation  

   72C.    Terms used
   72D.    Application of this Division
   72E.    Claims for compensation for dependants and others
   72F.    Claims procedure where employer insured
   72G.    Claims procedure where employer is self-insured or uninsured
   72H.    Resolution of claim
   72I.    Manner of payment of lump sum compensation
   72J.    Manner of payment of child’s allowance
   72K.    Effect of recovery of damages on moneys held in Trust Account
   72L.    Application of Part XI to matters under this Division

           Division 6 -- Disputes between employers  

   73.     Worker entitled but dispute between employers
   74.     Worker entitled but dispute between insurers
   74A.    No apportionment under s. 73 or 74 for injuries before 8 Mar 1991
   75.     Obligation to make weekly payments preserved

           Division 7 -- Agreements  

   76.     Agreement as to compensation etc., registration and effect of memorandum of
   77.     Agreements unenforceable unless registered under s. 76
   78.     Effect of non-registration of agreement

           Division 8 -- Other matters affecting compensation  

   79.     Wilful and false representation by worker
   80.     Effect of leave entitlements; effect on sick leave
   81.     Effect on public holidays pay
   82.     Services rendered to worker for which employer liable, payment for
   83.     Partially incapacitated workers, employment of
   84.     Worker not to be prejudiced by resuming work
   84AA.   Employer to keep position available during worker’s incapacity
   84AB.   Employer to notify worker and WorkCover WA of intention to dismiss worker

   PART IV -- Civil proceedings in addition to or independent of this Act

           Division 1 -- General  

   85.     Motor vehicle cases not affected by this Part
   86.     Liability independent of this Act not affected by this PART
   87.     Solicitor-client costs, limits on agreements as to
   91.     Court’s duties where action for damages unsuccessful but workers’ compensation is payable
   92.     Both damages and workers’ compensation not recoverable
   93.     Remedies against non-employers

           Division 1a -- Choice of law  

   93AA.   Applicable substantive law for work injury claims
   93AB.   Claims to which Division applies
   93AC.   Terms used
   93AD.   Claim in respect of death included
   93AE.   Terms used
   93AF.   Availability of action in another State not relevant

           Division 2 -- Constraints on awards of common law damages

              Subdivision 1 -- Preliminary provisions  

   93A.    Term used: damages
   93B.    Application of this Division
   93C.    Limit on powers of courts to award damages

              Subdivision 2 -- 1993 scheme  

   93CA.   Term used: AMA Guides
   93CB.   Limits on application of this Subdivision
   93CC.   Application of this Subdivision
   93D.    Degree of disability, assessing
   93E.    Constraints on awards and paying compensation
   93EA.   Questions as to degree of disability, referral of to Director in some cases due to new evidence
   93EB.   Questions as to degree of disability, referral of to Director in some other cases
   93EC.   Time for commencing action for damages extended in some cases
   93F.    Degree of disability less than 30%, constraints on awards
   93G.    Regulations for this Subdivision

              Subdivision 3 -- 2004 scheme  

   93H.    Terms used
   93I.    Application of this Subdivision
   93J.    No damages for noise induced hearing loss if not an injury
   93K.    Constraints on awards
   93L.    Election under s. 93K to retain right to seek damages
   93M.    Termination day defined
   93N.    Special evaluation if worker’s condition has not stabilised sufficiently
   93O.    Employer to give worker notice of certain things
   93P.    Election under s. 93K, effect of on compensation
   93Q.    HIV and AIDS, special provisions about
   93R.    Some lung diseases, special provisions about
   93S.    Regulations for this Subdivision

   PART V -- WorkCover Western Australia Authority

           Division 1 -- Constitution, purposes, and powers  

   94.     WorkCover Western Australia Authority, nature of etc.
   95.     Governing body of WorkCover WA
   96.     Term of office of governing body’s nominee members
   97.     Meetings
   98.     Vacancies etc. not to invalidate proceedings
   99.     Conditions of appointment
   100.    Functions
   100A.   Advisory committees
   100B.   Disclosing information to occupational safety and health department
   101.    Powers
   101AA.  Delegation by WorkCover WA
   101A.   Borrowing powers
   101B.   Guarantees by Treasurer of borrowings
   102.    Limitation on powers under s. 100(e)
   103A.   Insurers etc. to give WorkCover WA information
   104.    Publishing and furnishing information

           Division 1AA -- Personal interest  

   104AA.  Disclosure of interests by governing body members
   104AB.  Exclusion of interested member
   104AC.  Resolution that s. 104AB inapplicable
   104AD.  Quorum where s. 104AB applies
   104AE.  Minister may declare s. 104AB and 104AD inapplicable

           Division 2 -- Accounts and audit  

   105.    Financial Management Act 2006 and Auditor General Act 2006, application of

           Division 3 -- Workers’ Compensation and Injury Management General Account  

   106.    General Account, funds and purposes of
   107.    Estimates of funds needed for General Account
   108.    Levied contributions to General Account, amount of
   109.    Insurers to contribute to General Account

           Division 4 -- Workers’ Compensation and Injury Management Trust Account  

   110.    Trust Account, funds and purposes of

           Division 5 -- Ministerial control  

   111.    Minister may give WorkCover WA directions
   111A.   Minister to have access to information

   PART VII -- Medical assessment and assessment for specialised retraining programs

           Division 1 -- Medical assessment panels  

   144.    Term used: relevant authority
   145.    Excluded jurisdiction of panels
   145A.   Questions that may be referred to panels
   145B.   Register of eligible members of panels
   145C.   Constituting panels
   145D.   Procedure and powers of panels
   145E.   Determinations
   145F.   Reconsidering determinations
   145G.   Remuneration

           Division 2 -- Assessing degree of impairment  

   146.    Terms used
   146A.   Evaluating degree of impairment generally
   146B.   Evaluating degree of impairment for Part III Div. 2A
   146C.   Evaluating degree of impairment for Part IV Div. 2 Subdiv. 3
   146D.   Evaluating degree of impairment for Part IXA
   146E.   Evaluating degree of impairment for cl. 18A
   146F.   Approved medical specialists, designation of
   146G.   Approved medical specialist, powers of
   146H.   Approved medical specialist, duties of after making assessment
   146I.   WorkCover WA may give approved medical specialist information about worker
   146J.   Decisions of approved medical specialist not reviewable

           Division 3 -- Approved medical specialist panels  

   146K.   Constituting panels
   146L.   Procedure and powers of panels
   146M.   Failure to comply with requirement of panel
   146N.   How panel to assess degree of impairment
   146O.   Duties of panel after making assessment
   146P.   No assessment without unanimous agreement
   146Q.   Remuneration

           Division 4 -- WorkCover Guides  

   146R.   WorkCover Guides, issue of

           Division 5 -- Assessment for specialised retraining programs  

   146S.   Register of eligible members of specialised retraining assessment panels
   146T.   Specialised retraining assessment panel, constituting
   146U.   Procedure and powers of panels
   146V.   Assessments by panels
   146W.   Remuneration

   PART VIII -- Premium rates  

   151.    Premium rates for insurance, fixing of
   151A.   Report as to premium rates
   152.    Loading not to exceed 75% unless WorkCover WA permits
   153.    Setting maximum loading or discount
   153A.   Minimum premiums
   154.    Appeals by employers
   154A.   Regulations as to insurers informing employers
   154AB.  Minister may give directions as to fixing premium rates
   154AC.  Regulations for subsidy from Supplementation Fund

   PART IX -- Injury management  

   155.    Terms used
   155A.   Code of practice (injury management)
   155B.   Injury management system, employers’ duties as to
   155C.   Return to work programs, employers’ duties as to
   155D.   Insurers’ duties
   155E.   Return to work programs, WorkCover WA’s powers as to
   156.    Vocational rehabilitation providers, approval of
   156A.   Vocational rehabilitation providers, information as to and fees of
   156B.   Arbitrators’ powers as to return to work programs
   157.    Information about injury management
   157B.   Mediation and assistance

   PART IXA -- Specialised retraining programs  

   158.    Terms used
   158A.   Eligibility to participate in programs
   158B.   Final day for recording agreed matters, referring disputed matters for determination
   158C.   Degree of permanent whole of person impairment, disputes as to
   158D.   Retraining criteria, disputes as to
   158E.   Agreements as to programs
   158F.   Programs, directions as to payments for etc.
   158G.   Directions given under s. 158F or 158I, duties of employers and insurers as to
   158H.   Reviews of programs
   158I.   WorkCover WA may direct modification etc. of programs
   158J.   When payments for programs cease
   158K.   Directions not open to challenge etc.
   158L.   Other effects of participating in program

   PART X -- Insurance

           Division 1 -- Liability of employers and insurers  

   159.    Terms used
   160.    Employers’ duty to be insured etc.; insurers’ duties
   160A.   Insurance in respect of working directors
   161A.   Incorporated insurance offices not to issue or renew policies unless approved under s. 161
   161.    Incorporated insurance offices, approval of
   162.    Insurance Commission of Western Australia sole insurer as to some industrial diseases
   163.    Industrial disease premiums, payment of etc.
   164.    Exempting employers from duty to insure
   165.    Review of s. 164 exemptions
   166.    Cancelling s. 164 exemptions due to breach of law
   167.    Effect of cessation of s. 164 exemption
   168.    Revoking s. 164 exemptions on employers’ request
   169.    Terms of insurance and form of policies
   170.    Failure to insure
   171.    Insurance offices to give information to WorkCover WA
   172.    WorkCover WA may recover underpaid premiums from employers
   173.    Worker’s rights against insurer when employer ceases to exist etc.
   174.    Payment to worker from General Account
   174AAA. Setting aside certain judgments and agreements
   174AA.  Recovering s. 174 payments from officers of body corporate
   174AB.  WorkCover WA may exercise rights of employer in some cases
   174AC.  WorkCover WA’s rights of indemnity and subrogation
   174AD.  Employer’s duty to assist WorkCover WA
   174A.   Insurer may not refuse to indemnify in some cases

           Division 2 -- Insurance by principals, contractors, and sub-contractors  

   175.    When principal, contractor and sub-contractor deemed employers
   175AA.  Certain persons deemed workers

           Division 3 -- Inspectors  

   175A.   Authorising etc. inspectors; oath etc. by inspectors
   175B.   Powers
   175C.   Interpreters
   175D.   Offences

   PART XA -- Infringement notices and modified penalties  

   175E.   Terms used
   175F.   Authorised officers, designation of etc.
   175G.   Infringement notices, giving of
   175H.   Infringement notices, content of
   175I.   Extending time for paying modified penalty
   175J.   Withdrawing infringement notices
   175K.   Benefit of paying modified penalty
   175L.   No admission implied by payment
   175M.   Application of penalties collected

   PART XI -- Dispute resolution

           Division 1 -- General  

   176.    Exclusive jurisdiction of arbitrators
   177.    Object of this Part

           Division 2 -- Requirements before commencing proceeding  

   178.    Notice of injury, and claim for compensation, requirements for
   179.    Notice of injury, service of
   180.    Relevant documents to be provided by parties

           Division 3 -- Conciliation

              Subdivision 1 -- Workers’ Compensation Conciliation Service  

   181.    Workers’ Compensation Conciliation Service established
   182A.   Director, Conciliation, designation and functions of
   182B.   Conciliation officers, designation of etc.
   182C.   Provisions about designations
   182D.   Delegation by Director

              Subdivision 2 -- Resolution of disputes by conciliation  

   182E.   Application for conciliation
   182F.   Acceptance of application by Director
   182G.   Director to allocate dispute
   182H.   Director may certify dispute is not suitable for conciliation
   182I.   Duties of conciliation officers
   182J.   Powers of conciliation officers
   182K.   Weekly payments etc., conciliation officers may direct etc.
   182L.   Suspending and reducing weekly payments, conciliation officers’ powers for etc.
   182M.   Provisions about directions
   182N.   Finalising orders
   182O.   Conclusion of conciliation and certificate of outcome

              Subdivision 3 -- Practice and procedure  

   182P.   Obtaining information
   182Q.   Scope of conciliation
   182R.   Conciliation officer may provide information to another party or a medical practitioner
   182S.   Representation
   182T.   Litigation guardians, rules about
   182U.   Interpreters and assistants
   182V.   Ways of conducting conciliation
   182W.   Conciliation to be in private
   182X.   Meetings and conferences, notice of and failure to attend
   182Y.   Privilege against self-incrimination
   182ZA.  Legal professional privilege in relation to medical reports
   182ZB.  Other claims of privilege
   182ZC.  Documents produced, use of etc. by conciliation officer
   182ZD.  Medical dispute may be referred to medical assessment panel

              Subdivision 4 -- General provisions about directions, orders and conciliation agreements  

   182ZE.  Terms used
   182ZF.  When decision or conciliation agreement has effect
   182ZG.  Correcting mistakes
   182ZH.  Enforcing decisions and conciliation agreements
   182ZI.  Conciliation decisions not reviewable
   182ZJ.  Provisions about revoked directions
   182ZK.  Recovery of payments made under s. 182K direction
   182ZL.  Director may order insurer to make payment directed under s. 182K

              Subdivision 5 -- Miscellaneous  

   182ZM.  Statement made to conciliation officer not admissible in subsequent proceedings
   182ZN.  To whom compensation is to be paid

           Division 4 -- Arbitration

              Subdivision 1 -- Workers’ Compensation Arbitration Service  

   182ZO.  Workers’ Compensation Arbitration Service established
   182ZP.  Registrar, Arbitration, designation and functions of
   182ZQ.  Arbitrators, designation of etc.
   182ZR.  Provisions about designations
   182ZS.  Delegation by Registrar

              Subdivision 2 -- Determination of disputes by arbitration  

   182ZT.  Application for arbitration
   182ZU.  Acceptance of application by Registrar
   182ZV.  Registrar to allocate dispute
   182.    Who is to be given a copy of an application
   183.    Information exchange by parties
   185.    Duties of arbitrators

              Subdivision 3 -- Practice and procedure  

   188.    Practice and procedure, generally
   189.    Relief or redress granted need not be restricted to claim
   190.    Directions by arbitrator
   191.    Dependants of workers, proof as to
   192.    Illegal contracts of employment may be treated as valid
   193.    Arbitrator’s powers to obtain information
   194.    Arbitrator may give information etc. to and restrict disclosure by other party or medical practitioner
   195.    Representation
   196.    Litigation guardians, rules about
   197.    Interpreters and assistants
   198.    Ways of conducting arbitration proceedings
   199.    Hearings to be in private
   200.    Hearings, notice of and failure to attend
   201.    Experts, use of by arbitrators
   202.    Summoning witnesses
   203.    Arbitrator’s powers as to witnesses
   204A.   Communication between worker and WorkCover WA employee not admissible
   204.    Privilege against self-incrimination
   205.    Legal professional privilege in relation to medical reports
   206.    Other claims of privilege
   207.    Oaths and affirmations
   208.    Arbitrator may authorise another to take evidence
   209.    Things produced, use of etc. by arbitrator
   210.    Medical dispute may be referred to medical assessment panel

              Subdivision 4 -- Decisions  

   211.    Decisions generally
   212.    Conditional and ancillary orders and directions
   213.    Decisions and reasons, form and content of
   214.    Validity of decision not affected by contravention of this Subdivision
   215.    When decision has effect
   216.    Correcting mistakes
   217A.   Arbitrator may reconsider decision if new information
   217B.   Arbitration decisions not reviewable
   217.    Order as to total liability of employer
   218.    Payment of compensation to person under legal disability
   219.    Enforcing decisions

              Subdivision 5 -- Miscellaneous  

   220.    Statements to arbitrators not admissible in common law proceedings
   221.    To whom compensation is to be paid
   222.    Interest on sums to be paid
   223.    Interest on unpaid sums
   224.    Interest on unpaid amount of agreed sum
   225.    Regulations may exclude interest

   PART XIII -- Appeals to District Court  

   247.    Appeal against arbitrator’s decision made under PART XI
   250.    Effect of appeal on decision under appeal
   254.    Appeal from District Court to Court of Appeal

   PART XIV -- Offences  

   255.    Failing to comply with decision of dispute resolution authority
   256.    Failing to comply with summons or requirement to attend
   257.    Failing to give evidence as required
   258.    Giving false or misleading information
   259.    Misbehaviour and other conduct

   PART XV -- Costs

           Division 1 -- General  

   261.    Terms used
   262.    Costs to which this Part applies
   263.    This Part prevails over Legal Profession Act 2008

           Division 2 -- Costs of parties in proceedings and costs of proceedings  

   264.    Costs to be determined by dispute resolution authority
   265.    Costs unreasonably incurred by representative
   266.    Agent’s costs
   267.    Appeal costs
   268.    Regulations for assessment of costs

           Division 3 -- Maximum costs  

   269.    Costs Committee, membership of
   270A.   Remuneration of Committee members
   270.    Constitution and procedure of Costs Committee
   271.    Determinations as to maximum costs
   272.    Making determinations
   273.    Approval and publication of determinations
   274.    Effect of costs determinations
   275.    Agreement as to costs, limits on
   276.    Division does not affect s. 87 in relation to Part IV actions

   PART XVI -- Registered agents  

   277.    Registration of agents

   PART XVIII -- Regulations, rules and practice notes  

   292.    Regulations
   293A.   Conciliation rules
   293B.   Arbitration rules
   293.    General provisions about rules
   294.     Practice notes

   PART XIX -- Miscellaneous  

   295.    WorkCover WA’s staff etc.
   296.    Delegation by chief executive officer
   297.    Agreements and receipts under this Act exempt from duty
   298.    Ships, detention of
   299.    Judicial notice
   300.    District Court to give information to WorkCover WA
   301.    Contracting out prohibited
   302.    Deductions from wages towards compensation not lawful
   303.    Compensation payments not assignable
   303A.   Making employment conditional on avoidance arrangement
   304.    Protection from personal liability
   305.    Immunity of conciliation officers, arbitrators etc.
   306.    Protection for compliance with this Act
   307.    Protection from liability for publishing decisions etc. of dispute resolution authority
   308.    Fraud
   309.    Who can prosecute offences
   310.    Time limit for prosecutions
   311.    General penalty
   312.    Fines, application of
   313.    Offences under Acts about workplace safety not affected
   314.    WorkCover WA may specify form of sending information
   314B.   Review of Act
   315.    Prescribed amount and Amounts A and C, publication of

   PART XX -- Repeal, savings, and transitional  

   316.    Terms used
   317.    Repeal
   318.    Interpretation Act 1918, application of
   319.    Act does not renew liability or entitlement
   320.    Moneys paid under repealed Act taken into account
   321.    Compensation for Sch. 2 injuries
   322.    Child’s allowance
   323.    Continuation of office holders, agreements etc.
   324.    References to Board, Supplementary Board or officers
   325.    Transitional provisions (Sch. 8)
           SCHEDULE 1 -- Compensation entitlements  
           SCHEDULE 1A -- Compensation entitlements when worker has died
           SCHEDULE 2 -- Table of compensation payable
           SCHEDULE 3 -- Specified industrial diseases
           SCHEDULE 4A -- Specified diseases for firefighters
           SCHEDULE 4 -- Specified losses of functions
           SCHEDULE 5 -- Exceptions to cessation of weekly payments by reason of age  
           SCHEDULE 6 -- Adjacent areas  
           SCHEDULE 7 -- Noise induced hearing loss  
           SCHEDULE 8 -- Transitional provisions

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