Western Australian Current Regulations

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   1.      Citation  
   1A.     Interpretation  
   2.      Election of members, retirement, etc.  
   3.      Delivery of nomination paper  
   4.      Provisions relating to nomination papers  
   5.      Voting papers  
   6.      Voting paper to be signed and form of voting paper  
   7.      Counting of voting papers  
   8.      Resolution to be published in Gazette  
   9.      Resolution of equal votes  
   10.     Where nominations do not exceed number to be elected  
   11.     Where seat of a member of the Board becomes vacant under section 5 (5) of the Act  
   12.     Where insufficient nominations received  
   13.     Term where vacancy filled  
   14.     Filling of casual vacancies  
   15.     Late nomination, notice or voting paper not to affect any election  
   16.     Adoption of rules  
   17.     General meeting after election  
   18.     Annual meeting  
   19.     Election of Chairman  
   20.     Any matter may be brought up at annual general meeting  
   20A.    Special general meeting  
   21.     Quorum  
   22.     Representation by proxy  
   24.     Special meetings  
   25.     Amendments, rescission, etc., of any matter  
   26.     Minutes to be kept  
   28.     Omission to give notice not to invalidate meeting  
   29.     Committees may be appointed  
   30.     Board to appoint Registrar  
   31.     Annual subscription  
   32.     Preliminary application  
   33.     Registration  
   33A.    Indemnity insurance for foreign corporation  
   34.     Form of certificate of registration  
   34A.    Form of notice under section 19A (1) of the Act  
   34B.    Annual Statement  
   35.     Interpretation of candidate and examination.  
   38.     Examinations before the coming into operation of the Architects’ Board of Western Australia Amendment By‑laws 1987  
   38A.    Examinations after the coming into operation of the Architects’ Board of Western Australia Amendment By‑laws 1987  
   39.     Committee of Architectural Education  
   40.     Transmission of examination results and issue of certificate  
   41.     Examination fees  
   43.     Examination supervisor may be appointed  
   44.     Fees payable to examiners  
   45.     Record of fees, expenses, etc., in relation to exams  
   46.     Register of Architects  
   47.     File of change of address  
   48.     Register to be published in Gazette  
   48A.    Various fees to be paid  
   49.     Board may adopt Common Seal  
   50.     Seal to be affixed as authorized  
   51.     Commencement
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