Western Australian Current Regulations

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   PART 1 -- Preliminary  

   1.      Citation and application  
   3.      Terms used

   PART 2 -- General

           Division 1 -- Construction and installation of an apparatus  

   4.      Approval of construction or installation of apparatus by local government  
   4A.     Approval of construction or installation of apparatus by Chief Health Officer  
   5.      Documents to accompany application for approval  
   6.      Construction or installation under approval to be completed within certain time  
   6A.     Adoption of codes  
   7.      Construction and installation of apparatus generally  
   7A.     Compliance with adopted Codes  
   8.      Educt and back vents  
   8A.     Location of septic tank

           Division 2 -- Use of an apparatus  

   9.      Notice of completion  
   10.     Permit to use apparatus  
   11.     Preparation of apparatus for inspection  
   12.     Testing apparatus  
   13.     Equipment, material, power and labour for inspection  
   15.     Wastes from business or industry  
   16.     Matter interfering with efficient operation of apparatus  
   16A.    Use to comply with adopted Codes  
   17.     Certain matter not to be discharged into apparatus  
   18.     Interfering with apparatus  
   18A.    Structures not to be erected above apparatus  
   19.     Use of damaged or defective apparatus prohibited

           Division 3 -- Decommissioning of an apparatus  

   20.     Application  
   20A.    Apparatus to be decommissioned in certain circumstances  
   21.     Decommissioning apparatus

           Division 4 -- Review  

   22.     Review of decision of local government  
   23.     Review of decision of Chief Health Officer

   PART 3 -- Construction and sizes of septic tanks and sedimentation tanks  

   24.     Minimum water level of septic tank  
   25.     Partition of septic tank  
   26.     Septic tank to be impervious  
   27.     Construction of septic tank generally  
   28.     Liquid capacity of septic tanks on residential premises  
   29.     Size of septic tank  
   30.     Minimum air space in septic tank  
   31.     Dimensions of septic tank  
   32.     Construction of precast concrete septic tank  
   33.     Testing precast concrete septic tank  
   34.     Construction of in situ concrete septic tank  
   35.     Construction of brick septic tank  
   36.     Manufacturer of fibreglass septic tank

   PART 4 -- Restricted flush fixtures  

   38.     Minimum flush fixtures and fittings generally  
   39.     Minimum flush fixtures and fittings on any land  
   40.     Certificate of approval of fixtures and fittings  
   41.     Testing closet pan or flushing cistern  
   42.     Restriction on variations

   PART 4A -- Maintenance of aerobic treatment units  

   42A.    Owner to ensure arrangements in place for maintenance of unit  
   42B.    Units to be maintained in accordance with standard  
   42C.    Maintenance of units to be carried out by authorised persons  
   42D.    Authorised person to notify new owner of maintenance requirements for unit

   PART 5 -- Dry type septic tank  

   43.     Dry type septic tank  
   44.     Area prescribed under Act s. 110  
   45.     Chemical closet pan

   PART 6 -- Emptying apparatus  

   46.     Emptying tank or other waste storage component of apparatus

   PART 7 -- Disposal of effluent and liquid wastes  

   47.     Receptacles for drainage  
   48.     Receptacles for drainage -- blackwater disposal  
   49.     Requirements for receptacles for drainage  
   50.     Drainage of effluent and liquid wastes

   PART 8 -- Manufacturing  

   51.     Marks and brands  
   52.     Wet or steam curing  
   53.     Refusal to sell

   PART 9 -- Offences and penalties  

   54.     Offence
           SCHEDULE 1 -- Fees
           SCHEDULE 3
           SCHEDULE 4
           SCHEDULE 5
           SCHEDULE 6
           SCHEDULE 7
           SCHEDULE 8
           SCHEDULE 9 -- Wastewater volume for residential premises

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