Western Australian Current Regulations

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   1.      Citation and commencement  
   2.      Interpretation  
   3.      Application of Supreme Court Rules and prior practice  
   4.      Jurisdiction of the Registrar  
   5.      Appeal from the Registrar  
   6.      Probate and administration generally  
   7.      Personal applications  
   7A.     Postal applications  
   8.      Affidavit of executor or administrator with the will annexed  
   9.      Administrator’s affidavit  
   9A.     Orders to administer  
   9B.     Statement of assets and liabilities to be filed  
   10.     Inquiries to be answered before grant issues  
   11.     Grant in additional name  
   12.     Marking of will  
   13.     Invalid will to be produced  
   14.     Address for service  
   15.     Evidence as to due execution of will  
   16.     Execution of will of blind or illiterate testator  
   17.     Evidence as to terms, condition and date of execution of will  
   18.     Attempted revocation of will  
   19.     Affidavit as to due execution, terms, etc., of will  
   20.     Will not proved under section 9 of Wills Act 1837  
   20A.    Additional requirements where Part X of the Wills Act 1970 is relevant  
   21.     Privileged wills  
   22.     Notice of application for administration  
   25.     Grant to creditor  
   26.     Grants on behalf of infants  
   27.     Guarantee where administration applied for  
   27A.    Guarantee where application to reseal  
   28.     Effect of renunciation  
   29.     Citations generally  
   30.     Citation to accept or refuse or to take a grant  
   31.     Citation to propound a will  
   32.     Citation to bring in a will  
   33.     Caveats  
   34.     Application for leave to swear to death  
   35.     Amendment and revocation of grant  
   36.     Taxation of costs  
   37.     Executors and administrators to pass accounts  
   38.     Form of grant, etc.  
   39.     Requirements as to documents  
   42.     Will to be engrossed in certain cases  
   43.     Documents to be lodged with application to reseal  
   43A.    Searches  
   43B.    Legal costs for non‑contentious probate applications  
   44.     Application to pending proceedings

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