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20A .         Additional requirements where Part X of the Wills Act 1970 is relevant

        (1)         Where it appears that Part X of the Wills Act 1970 may apply to any document of a testamentary nature the applicant, in addition to any other requirements relating to an application for a grant, shall by affidavit, accompanied by such document or documents, set forth — 

            (a)         the gross value of the estate wherever situated;

            (b)         all material facts relating to the circumstances in which the document is said to have come into existence, or to have been altered, revoked or revived and of the intention of the deceased relating thereto; and

            (c)         the full names, ages and addresses of all persons who may be prejudiced by — 

                  (i)         the application of that Part where the applicant seeks to apply that Part; or

                  (ii)         the non‑application of that Part where the applicant seeks not to apply that Part,

                and, for each such person, the reason why it is said that the person may be prejudiced.

        (2)         The applicant shall exhibit to an affidavit the consents of all persons who may be prejudiced as mentioned in subrule (1)(c) but the Registrar may, on such terms and subject to such conditions as the Registrar thinks fit, dispense with the consent of a person who may be so prejudiced if he is satisfied that — 

            (a)         the person — 

                  (i)         is not of full age or is incapable of consenting by reason of mental illness, defect or infirmity; or

                  (ii)         cannot be found;


            (b)         it is otherwise just or expedient to do so.

        [Rule 20A inserted: Gazette 19 January 1990 p. 204 (Erratum: Gazette 26 January 1990 p. 657); amended: Gazette 5 March 1996 p. 830.]

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