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27 .         Guarantee where administration applied for

        (1)         The Registrar shall not require a guarantee under section 26 of the Act as a condition of granting administration except where it is proposed to grant administration — 

            (a)         for the use and benefit of another person or where the grant is otherwise limited;

            (b)         to an applicant who appears to the Registrar to be resident elsewhere than in Western Australia;

            (c)         where a beneficiary is not of full age or capacity; or

            (d)         where a beneficiary is not resident in Western Australia and has no agent or attorney there;

                or except where the Registrar considers that there are special circumstances making it desirable to require a guarantee.

        (2)         Notwithstanding that it is proposed to grant administration in any of the cases mentioned in paragraphs (a) to (d) inclusive of subrule (1), a guarantee shall not be required, except in special circumstances, where the applicant or one of the applicants is —

            (a)         a corporation authorised by the law of Western Australia to obtain a grant; or

            (b)         a legal practitioner.

        (3)         A guarantee entered into by a surety for the purposes of section 26 of the Act shall be in Form 2.

        (4)         A guarantee shall not be required from the Public Trustee or from a person obtaining administration for the benefit of the State.

        (5)         Where it is required, the guarantee shall be by 2 sureties resident in Western Australia unless the surety is a corporation approved by the Court or the applicant is a corporation authorised by the law of Western Australia to obtain a grant or where the Registrar otherwise orders.

        (6)         Where it is required, the guarantee shall be for an amount equal to the gross value of the estate in Western Australia or such reduced or increased amount as the Registrar orders; and in fixing the amount of the guarantee the Registrar shall take into account the extent to which the claim of a creditor is secured over a mortgage or charge of real or personal estate of the deceased.

        (7)         A surety other than a corporation shall justify to the satisfaction of the Registrar.

        (8)         Except where the surety is a corporation, the guarantee shall be attested by a person authorised to administer oaths.

        [Rule 27 inserted: Gazette 7 Oct 1977 p. 3604‑5; amended: Gazette 14 Dec 1979 p. 3876; 1 Aug 1980 p. 2561; 19 Apr 2005 p. 1297; SL 2022/74 r. 7.]

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