Western Australian Current Regulations

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19H .         Declaration of emergency vessel

        (1)         The chief executive officer may, by notice published in the Government Gazette , declare a specific vessel to be an emergency vessel for the purposes of these regulations.

        (2)         A declaration under subregulation (1) may specify — 

            (a)         the areas within which the vessel may operate as an emergency vessel; and

            (b)         that these regulations, or specified provisions of these regulations, do not apply, in any circumstances or in specified circumstances, to that vessel while it is being used as an emergency vessel; and

            (c)         when a lamp displaying intermittent blue flashes may be used on that vessel; and

            (d)         the persons entitled to operate the vessel under emergency conditions; and

            (e)         such other matters as the chief executive officer considers expedient.

        (3)         The chief executive officer may amend or revoke a declaration made under subregulation (1) by the publication of a subsequent notice in the Government Gazette .

        [Regulation 19H inserted: Gazette 3 Aug 1990 p. 3753; amended: Gazette 11 Aug 1992 p. 3975‑6.]

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