Western Australian Numbered Acts

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3 .         Definitions

        (1)         In this Act, unless the contrary intention appears —

        "amendment reference" means the reference under section 4(1)(b);

        "commencement day" means the day on which section 4(1) comes into operation;

        "Corporations instrument" means any instrument made or issued under the Corporations legislation;

        "Corporations legislation" means Commonwealth Acts enacted in the terms, or substantially in the terms, of the tabled text and as in force from time to time;

        "express amendment" of the Corporations legislation means the direct amendment of the text of the Corporations legislation (whether by the insertion, omission, repeal, substitution or relocation of words or matter) by Commonwealth Acts, but does not include the enactment by a Commonwealth Act of a provision that has or will have substantive effect otherwise than as part of the text of the Corporations legislation;

        "initial reference" means the reference under section 4(1)(a) ;

        "prescribed termination day" means the day on which both the references are to terminate as set out in section 5(1);

        "reference" means —

            (a)         the initial reference; or

            (b)         the amendment reference;

        "referred provisions" means the tabled text to the extent to which that text deals with matters that are included in the legislative powers of the Parliament of the State;

        "tabled text" means the text of the following proposed Bills for Commonwealth Acts, comprised in documents (each bearing identification as “part of the tabled text”) as tabled in the Legislative Assembly of New South Wales on 7 March 2001 —

            (a)         Corporations Bill 2001 ;

            (b)         Australian Securities and Investments Commission Bill 2001 .

        (2)         If a proclamation terminating the amendment reference alone has been made under section 7 and has not been revoked, the expression "the references refers to the initial reference only.

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