Western Australian Repealed Regulations

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This legislation has been repealed.


2 .         Interpretation

                In this code, unless the contrary intention appears — 

        “abnormal external moisture” means sufficient moisture to make an avocado distinctly wet (but does not include condensation following release from cold storage);

        “blemish” means any superficial disfigurement of the skin that is not likely to affect the keeping quality of the avocado, and includes slight chemical burns and healed injury resulting from insect damage, superficial hail damage, abrasions, scratches and rubs, but does not include sunburn or superficial injury caused by the fruit spotting bug or fruit fly;

        “class” means the quality class into which avocados are graded;

        “clean” means visibly free from any dirt, dust, chemical residue or other foreign matter;

        “defect” means any abnormal development of shape, colour or condition that detracts from the quality or general appearance of the avocado;

        “disorder” means any abnormal physiological condition that affects the skin or flesh of the avocado;

        “dry matter content” means the weight of the dry matter that remains, expressed as a percentage of the weight of the flesh of an avocado that has been peeled to remove the skin and seed coat, after the flesh has been heated to remove its moisture;

        “intact” means practically free from any mutilation or injury spoiling the avocado;

        “mature” means having reached the stage of development that ensures a proper completion of the ripening process, with no shrivelling or decay, and having attained a minimum dry matter content of 21%;

        “processing” means any operation that subjects avocados to thermal processing (but does not include cold storage) or that renders avocados an avocado product;

        “sound” means not over-ripe, soft or wilted; and free from rot, excessive bruising and physical injury, internal or external, and damage caused by fruit spotting bug or fruit fly, likely to affect the keeping quality of the avocado;

        “well-filled” means, in relation to a package of avocados, that the package is filled to the extent that the avocados, after settling, are unlikely to move within the package during normal handling.

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