Western Australian Repealed Regulations

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This legislation has been repealed.



   PART 1 -- Preliminary  

   1.      Citation
   2.      Commencement
   3.      Definitions
   4.      Assigned access contracts and exempt contracts
   5.      Capacity refers to average daily capacity

   PART 2 -- Separation of business activities  

   6.      Definitions
   7.      Related business not to be carried on
   8.      Affiliates of the DBNGP owner
   9.      Contracts with affiliates require approval

   PART 3 -- Capacity tranches and capacity generally  

   10.     Definitions
   11.     Capacity tranches and cutoffs
   12.     Cutoff levels
   13.     Firm and non-firm capacities
   14.     Saving of certain rights
   15.     Curtailment and interruption between different kinds of committed capacity
   16.     Security of supply for the corporation
   17.     Curtailment or interruption for shipper’s default
   18.     Exclusion of shipper’s capacity from apportionment of curtailments or interruptions in certain circumstances

   PART 4 -- Technical and operational matters  

   19.     Definitions
   20.     Delivery of gas to sub-networks
   21.     Metering gas delivered at notional gate points
   22.     Gas taken by user determines shipper’s outlet quantity
   23.     Operating agreement between DBNGP owner and corporation
   24.     Requirements as to gas quality

   PART 5 -- Entitlement to gas  

   25.     Definition
   26.     Shipper’s title to gas
   27.     No actions against DBNGP owner in respect of gas delivered to it
   28.     Transfer of title and possession of gas to the DBNGP owner
   29.     Entitlements to receive gas
   30.     Delivery at outlet point
   31.     Transfer of title and possession of gas to the corporation
   32.     Entitlement to receive gas not reduced for lost gas or operational fuel
   33.     Entitlement to receive gas not proprietary
   34.     Exclusion of right to use and property rights

   PART 6 -- Pricing  

   35.     Prices
   36.     No “statutory price” except for T1 capacity and T2 capacity

   PART 7 -- Information  

   37.     Coordinator to be given copy of access contract
   38.     Changes to the DBNGP access manual
   39.     Public information on capacity
   40.     Customized reports
   41.     Confidentiality

   PART 8 -- Miscellaneous provisions  

   42.     No access to non-firm capacity unless terms and conditions agreed
   43.     Spot access
   44.     Applications for access to gas transmission capacity and transitional provision
   45.     Relinquishing shipper’s access to gas transmission capacity
   46.     Capacity trading
   47.     Other matters prescribed by reference to the DBNGP access manual
   48.     Fee for providing detailed description of privatized DBNGP system
           SCHEDULE 1 -- Broadest specifications
           Compilation table

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