Western Australian Repealed Regulations

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This legislation has been repealed.



   PART 1 -- General

           Division 1 -- Citation and Interpretation  

   1.      Citation
   1A.     Interpretation

           Division 2 -- Conduct of business  

   2.      Office hours
   3.      General conduct of business
   4.      Suspension of rules

           Division 3 -- Officers  

   5.      Receipt of Accountant to collectors to be sufficient discharge
   6.      Duties of Accountant as to making entries and lodgement
   7.      Cheques to be signed
   8.      Common seal
   9.      Disqualification for becoming surety
   10.     Officers to report breaches of the Customs Act
   11.     Conduct of officers

           Division 4 -- Contracts  

   12.     Contracts to be advertised
   13.     Tenders
   14.     Deposit
   15.     Lowest tender need not be accepted
   16.     Acceptance of tender

   PART II -- Payment of revenue  

   17.     Mode and condition of payment
   18.     Officer may enter vessel, etc.
   19.     Charges to be paid before clearance
   20.     Guarantee for unpaid charges
   21.     Liability for goods consigned from ship
   22.     Liability of consignee and consignor
   23.     Dues payable by vessels

   PART III -- Regulation of ships

           Division 1 -- Port signal code  

   24.     Signals for Pilots
   25.     Penalty
   26.     Miscellaneous signals
   27.     Signals of distress
   28.     Penalty

           Division 2 -- Navigation  

   29.     Masters’ and owners’ responsibility for observance of regulations
   30.      Guns or explosives not to be used
   31.     Speed of vessels in Harbour
   32.     Dredger signals
   33.     Steam whistles
   34.     Steering sound signals day or night
   35.     Stranded vessels or other impediments to navigation
   36.     Interference with buoys, beacons, etc.
   37.     Anchor lights

           Division 2A -- Pilotage  

   37A.    Ports (Model Pilotage) Regulations 1994 adopted
   37AA.   Application fees under Ports (Model Pilotage) Regulations 1994
   37AB.   Validity of pilotage exemption certificates under Ports and Harbours Regulations

           Division 3 -- Berthing  

   38.     Responsibilities of Harbour Master when berthing
   38A.    Use of Taylor Street Jetty
   39.     Responsibilities of master of vessel when berthing
   40.     Anchoring or mooring vessels
   41.     Notification of e.t.a. and application for berth

           Division 4 -- Vessels in Port  

   42.     Authority of Water Police
   43.     Lights and gangways on vessels alongside wharves
   44.     Naked lights prohibited in vessel’s holds
   45.     Lights on vessels when lying in tier at wharves
   46.     Safety nets
   47.     Metal disc hawsers, ropes and springs
   48.     Openings at ship’s side to be closed at sundown
   49.     Gangways to be lighted
   50.     No shipwright’s work permitted on Port Authority property
   51.     Combustible matter to be heated in a boat
   52.     Cleaning of wharf berth
   53.     Mooring appliances and fireplugs to be kept clear
   54.     Vessels at owner’s risk
   55.     Defective moorings
   56.     Watchman to be provided
   57.     Beaching of vessels
   58.     Police may board vessels
   60.     Notice to be given before removal
   61.     Securing
   62.     Disposal of refuse
   63.     Scuttling of vessels
   64.     Fire
   65.     Vessel and gear to be kept free and clear of cranes, etc.
   66.     General order
   67.     Certificate of Registry

   PART IV -- Vessel charges  

   68.     Vessel charges and berthing dues
   68A.    Berthage dues -- Taylor Street Jetty

   PART V -- Goods and charges thereon

           Division 1 -- Computation of charges  

   69.     Computation of wharfage handling, etc.
   70.     Inwards manifests to be supplied and certified to
   71.     Outwards manifests
   72.     Payment of wharfage dues, etc.
   73.     Wharfage and handling charges on cargo
   76.     Transhipment cargo
   78.     Charges on vessels, etc.

           Division 2 -- Handling and custody of cargo  

   80.     Cargo assigned from ship’s slings in railway wagons
   81.     Receipts for cargo landed into railway wagons
   82.     Receipts, etc. for inwards cargo
   83.     General responsibility of Port Authority
   84.     Delay in delivery of goods
   85.     Wrong delivery
   86.     Goods not to be moved
   87.     Goods not to be handled in wet weather
   88.     Goods specially treated by Government or other authorities
   89.     Responsibility in case of fire, etc.
   90.     Mode of discharging or loading
   91.     Goods handled out of the ordinary working hours of the Port
   95.     Discharge or loading to be continuous or as directed
   96.     Weight of package or article to be marked thereon
   97.     Cargo deposited on wharf
   98.     Working hours
   99.     Vessels working overtime
   100.    Cost of delays caused by ships to be made good
   101.    Heavy goods not to be tilted or thrown on the wharves
   102.    Master responsible for proper slinging of goods
   103.    Sorting or packing on wharves
   104.    No goods allowed on roadways
   105.    Goods falling overboard
   106.    Limitation of value of goods, lost or damaged
   107.    Limitation of the amount of liability for goods
   108.    Limitation of value of goods
   109.    Passengers’ luggage
   110.    Persons receiving or retaining goods not their own property
   111.    Claim in respect of cargo
   112.    Special indemnity of Port Authority against liability

           Division 3 -- Storage of cargo  

   113.    Port Authority not bound to find storage accommodation
   114.    Period of storage
   115.    Goods to be removed, or may be sold
   116.    Storage rates for goods
   117.    Extension of prescribed storage period
   118.    Limit of storage
   119.    Goods left on wharf may be opened, etc.
   120.    Special charge to clear sheds or wharves

   PART VI -- Inflammable liquids and oils  

   121.    Exemptions
   122.    Interpretation
   123.    General regulation applying to all vessels
   124.    Vessels with oil in bulk
   125.    Vessels with inflammable liquid
   126.    Vessels with inflammable liquid otherwise than in bulk
   127.    Tank ships
   128.    Inflammable liquid on wharves or in sheds

   PART VII -- Noxious, dangerous and inflammable materials and explosives  

   129.    Noxious or dangerous goods
   130.    Vessel not obliged to carry dangerous goods
   131.    Exemptions
   132.    Signals to be exhibited
   133.    Shipping of explosives
   134.    Lighters to be licensed
   135.    Towing of lighters
   136.    No explosives on passenger vessels
   137.    Conveyance in mixed classes
   138.    To be protected against fire
   139.    Iron and steel to be covered
   140.    Matches
   141.    Stowing of explosives
   142.    No smoking
   143.    Conduct of persons
   144.    Prevention of accidents
   145.    Conditions applying to loading and unloading of explosives
   146.    Not to be conveyed with other merchandise
   147.    Delays to be avoided
   148.    Fires, lights, water, etc.
   149.    Regulations to be exhibited
   150.    Lighters to have person in charge
   151.    Quantity to be conveyed
   152.    Space between lighters
   153.    General precautions
   154.    Explosives to be marked
   155.    Explosives to be inspected
   156.    Explosives stored in lighters

   PART VIII -- Pipe lines for transmission of inflammable liquids and oils  

   157.    Application
   158.    Installation and repairs
   159.    Construction
   160.    Electrical equipment
   161.    Maintenance and operation
   162.    Liquids derived from petroleum, coal or shale may be pumped after sunset, in certain cases

   PART IX -- Miscellaneous charges

           Division 1 -- Hire of crane  

   163.    Applications for cranes
   164.    Calculation of crane hire
   165.    No liability for loss
   166.    Expenses to be paid
   167.    Responsibility of hirers
   168.    General responsibility
   169.    Work in overtime hours
   170.    Tampering with cranes

           Division 2 -- Hire of springs  

   171.    Springs must be used
   172.    Number to be used
   173.    Receipts for springs
   174.    Safety clearance
   175.    Members not responsible
   176.    Responsibility of hirers
   177.    Calculation of hire

           Division 3 -- Charges relating to mooring and unmooring of vessels  

   178.    Mooring and unmooring

           Division 4 -- Other charges and rebates  

   179.    Charges for other plant and equipment
   180.    Port Authority may rebate certain charges
   181.    Rebate of wharfage charges
   182.    Charges for incomplete services

   PART X -- Miscellaneous provisions

           Division 1 -- Bathing  

   183.    Bathing from wharves
   184.    Depth of water
   185.    Life-saving appliances
   186.    Experienced attendant required

           Division 2 -- General  

   187.    Touting
   188.    Stray boats to be handed over to the general manager
   189.    Rubbish or offensive matter, etc., shall not be put into water
   190.    Dead animals
   191.    Interference with notice boards
   192.    Defacement and bill posting prohibited
   193.    Life-saving appliances
   194.    Dragging or grappling in the Harbour
   195.    Vehicles on wharves or in sheds
   195A.   Vehicles on Taylor Street Jetty
   196.    Vehicle may be moved
   197.    Preservation of order
   198.    Riding and driving upon wharves or approach roads
   199.    Speed limit
   200.    Disorderly persons
   201.    Smoking and loitering
   202.    Nuisances
   203.    Yacht moorings
   204.    Private jetties and moorings
   205.    Boat races
   206.    Auction sales, etc.
   207.    Removal of material
   208.    Unserviceable vessels may be removed
   209.    Damage by water from ships
   210.    Fire alarms and appliances
   211.    Wharves may be closed
   212.    Persons not allowed on wharves or jetties except on business
   212A.   Public demonstrations on wharves and jetties
   213.    Cargo not to be shipped at landing steps
   214.    Fishing
   215.    No building allowed on jetty
   216.    Climbing about structures not permitted
   217.    Tampering with water appliances
   218.    Tampering with electric light or power mains
   219.    Tugs, lighters and other vessels to be licensed
   220.    Complaints
   221.    Where stock to be landed
   222.    Stock vessels to clean up
   223.    Exemption from liability
   224.    Wharf holidays
   225.    Decaying goods or material not to be placed or left on wharves, jetties, etc.
   226.    Special services
   226A.   Persons in breach of regulations to give name and address and leave premises when required to do so
   226B.   Persons in breach of regulations may be apprehended and removed from premises

   PART XI -- Application of regulations and penalties  

   227.    Application to ships and vessels
   228.    Penalties
           Compilation table

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