Western Australian Repealed Regulations

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This legislation has been repealed.


39 .         Responsibilities of master of vessel when berthing

                Subject to these regulations, the master of any vessel within the Port shall, unless otherwise directed by the Harbour Master, comply with the following provisions: — 

            (a)         a vessel shall not be fastened to any part of a wharf except to the bollards or fastenings that are, or may be, provided for the purpose;

            (b)         a vessel shall not lie alongside a wharf unless it is properly moored and fastened so as to relieve, as much as may be possible, the wharf from the weight of the vessel;

            (c)         a vessel shall not be moored, anchored or lie in the vicinity of a wharf so as to create a second bank of vessels alongside the wharf;

            (d)         a vessel shall not be moored or fastened to, or remain alongside, any wharf except for the purpose of, and for the period actually required for, the loading or unloading of cargo;

            (e)         where the vessel, being a passenger vessel, has been brought alongside the steps provided at a wharf for the purpose of embarking or disembarking passengers, the master shall not permit the vessel to remain alongside those steps for any period longer than that necessary to complete the embarking or disembarking.

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