Western Australian Repealed Regulations

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This legislation has been repealed.


3 .         Terms used in these regulations

        (1)         In these regulations, unless the contrary intention appears —

        allowed period means the period referred to in regulation 5(2) or  6(6), as the case requires, or such further period as the Authority may allow;

        assessment amount means the total amount payable as specified in a notice of assessment under regulation 5(1)(b)(i);

        Code has the meaning given to that term in the Gas Pipelines Access (Western Australia) Act 1998 section 11;

        Coordinator means the Coordinator of Energy referred to in the Energy Coordination Act 1994 section 4;

        core function costs means costs incurred in the quarter to which a standing charge relates in connection with the performance of the functions of the Authority under the Gas Pipelines Access (Western Australia) Act 1998 Part 6, being costs that cannot be recovered through the imposition of fees or service charges under these regulations;

        Director means the Director of Energy Safety referred to in the Energy Coordination Act 1994 section 5;

        document includes any tape, disc or other device or medium on which information is recorded or stored mechanically, photographically, electronically or otherwise;

        pipeline operator means the owner or operator of a covered pipeline;

        prescribed rate means an interest rate that is 5 percentage points higher than the bank bill rate, where the bank bill rate is —

            (a)         the rate quoted on Telerate page 39373 as the Bank Bill Reference Rate (Mid-Rate) for a one month bill at or about 10:00 hours (Sydney time) on the first day after the allowed period; or

            (b)         if a rate is not quoted as described in paragraph (a), the rate determined by the Authority having regard to comparable indices then available;

        quarter means a period of 3 months beginning on 1 July, 1 October, 1 January or 1 April;

        service charge means a charge referred to in regulation 6(1);

        standing charge means a charge referred to in regulation 4(1).

        (2)         If these regulations use a term that is used in the Code, the term has the same meaning in these regulations as it has in the Code, unless the contrary intention appears in these regulations.

        [Regulation 3 amended in Gazette 20 Apr 2004 p. 1300.]

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