Western Australian Repealed Regulations

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This legislation has been repealed.



   PART I -- Preliminary  

   1.      Citation
   2.      Interpretation
   3.      Form of debenture
   4.      Application for stock or debentures

   PART II -- Inscription and issue of stock  

   5.      Stock ledger
   6.      Inscription of stock
   7.      Companies, firms and corporations
   8.      Friendly societies, industrial unions, industrial organizations or incorporated associations
   9.      Trusts not recognised
   10.     Change of address
   11.     Marriage of female stockholder
   12.     Correction of mistake in stock ledger
   13.     Signatures of stockholders
   14.     Inspection of stock ledger
   15.     Certificate of inscription of stock

   PART III -- Transfers and transmissions of stock  

   16.     Transfers
   17.     Marking of form of transfer of stock
   18.     Notice of dealing
   19.     Transfers to be lodged on a transfer day
   20.     Entries in stock ledger
   21.     Deceased stockholders
   22.     Transmission of stock
   23.     Power of Registrar to dispense with production or re-sealing of probate
   24.     Persons entitled to be registered on transmission

   PART IV -- Issue of debentures  

   25.     Issue of debentures
   26.     Delivery of debentures not exceeding $400 on behalf of deceased persons
   27.     Issue of debentures in exchange for stock
   28.     Issue of debentures in exchange for other debentures
   29.     Inscription of stock in exchange for debentures

   PART V -- Payment of interest  

   30.     Stock ledger to be closed
   31.     Interest on debentures
   32.     Payment of interest on inscribed stock
   33.     Receipts of joint stockholders

   PART VI -- General  

   34.     Powers of attorney
   35.     Repayment of principal
   36.     General provisions
   37.     Secrecy
           Form No. 1
           Western Australia
           Fremantle Harbour Trust Act, 1902-1960
           Fremantle Harbour Trust (Debentures and Inscribed Stock) Regulations 1962 PART I -- Preliminary
           Compilation table

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