Western Australian Repealed Regulations

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This legislation has been repealed.



   1.      Citation
   2.      Revocation
   3.      Interpretation
           PART I  
   4.      Ordinary meetings
   5.      Office hours
   6.      General conduct of business
   7.      Minutes
   8.      Order of business at ordinary meeting
   9.      Order of business at special meeting
   10.     Motions
   11.     Absence of Commissioner giving notice of motion
   12.     Order of debate
   13.     Motion not to be withdrawn without consent
   14.     Motion to be seconded
   15.     Mover of motion
   16.     Priority in discussion
   17.     Members not to speak a second time on same question
   18.     Commissioners not to digress, etc.
   19.     Commissioners called to order to sit down
   20.     Commissioners to have access to documents
   21.     Voting
   22.     Motions in writing if required
   23.     If amendment negatived, a second may be moved
   24.     Mover of motion has right to reply
   25.     Motion for adjournment
   26.     Protests
   27.     Suspension of rules
   28.      Receipt of Accountant
   29.     Duties of Accountant
   30.     Custody of common seal
   31.     Use of common seal
   32.     Officers to report breaches of Customs Act
   33.     Conduct of officers
   34.     Officers not to accept gifts
   35.     Leave to officers
   36.     Contracts to be advertised
   37.     Tenders
   38.     Deposit
   39.     Lowest tender need not be accepted
   40.     Acceptance of tender
           PART II  
   41.     Mode and condition of payment
   42.     Officer may enter vessel, etc.
   43.     Charges to be paid before vessel leaves port
   44.     Liability of consignee and consignor
   45.     Liability
   45A.    Rate of interest on overdue amounts
           PART III  
   46.     Location of signal station
   48.     Navigation in hazy weather
   49.     Signals for a Pilot
   50.     Pilotage required
   51.     Penalty
   52.     Miscellaneous signals
   53.     Signals of distress
   54.     Compensation
   55.     Responsibility for observing regulations
   56.     No explosion or signal except in distress
   57.     Speed of vessels in harbour
   58.     Dredger signals
   59.     Steam whistles
   60.     Steering sound signals
   61.     Impediments to navigation
   62.     Vessels shall not lie in the fairway
   63.     Rafts in the harbour
   64.     Small craft
   65.     Interference with buoys etc.
   66.     Lights and signals
   67.     Berthing Master to control berthing
   68.     Notice of arrival at Port
   68A.    Vessels within the port to maintain radio contact with Port Authority
   69.     Entry of vessels
   70.     General berthing provisions
   70A.    Berth hire charges
   71.     Authority to keep wharf clear
   72.     Lights and gangways
   73.     Naked lights prohibited
   74.     Lights on vessels in tier
   75.     Safety nets
   76.     Ratguards
   77.     No work on Sundays
   78.     No shipwrights work on Port Authority property
   79.     No fires to be lighted
   80.     Deaths on vessels
   81.     Vessel at owner’s risk
   82.     Vessels to be kept clear of cranes etc.
   83.     Defective moorings
   84.     Night Watchman
   85.     Beaching vessels
   86.     Police and Port officers may enter vessel
   87.     Power to remove vessels
   88.     Careening vessels
   89.     Securing vessels
   90.     Propellers stationary on moored vessels
   91.     Anchors used in port
   92.     No discharge onto wharf
   93.     Damage by water from vessels
   94.     Outbreak of fire
   95.     Scuttling of vessels
   96.     Harbour Masters orders to be obeyed
   97.     Social or other functions
   98.     Hull survey
   99.     Mandatory pilotage
   99A.    Eligibility to be approved as a pilot for the Port
   99B.    Approval may be unconditional or subject to certain conditions, and requirements for retaining unconditional approval
   99C.    Approval continues for specified period unless sooner revoked
   99D.    Certain requirements apply to person approved during period of approval
   99E.    Port Authority may revoke approval at any time
   100.    Conditions to be observed by masters of vessels requiring pilotage
   101.    Vessels exempt from pilotage
   105.    Applications for pilots
   107.    Tugs under pilot’s orders
   108.    Pilot to show license on demand
   109.    Pilot to assist vessel in distress
   110.    Complaints to be in writing
   111.    Payment to pilots
   112.    Pilot leading a vessel
   113.    Pilot detained
   114.    Production of information to pilot
   115.    Eligibility for Exemption Certificate
   116.    Application and examination for Exemption Certificate
   117.    Vessels for which Exemption Certificates are valid
   118.    Exemption Certificates valid only during daylight hours unless otherwise endorsed
   119.    Endorsement of Exemption Certificates for vessels of greater length
   120.    Validity, lapse and renewal of Exemption Certificates
   121.    Exemption Certificates may be declared not to apply to certain areas
   121A.   Use of Exemption Certificates to be recorded
   121B.   Port Authority may exempt dredges from pilotage
   122.    Certificate of Local Knowledge
   122A.   Effect of Certificate of Local Knowledge
   123.    Master, owner or agent of vessel to pay tonnage rate
   123A.   Tonnage calculation
   123B.   Exemption from liability
   124.    Exemption from payment
   125.    Certificate of Registry
   126.    Computing time in berth
   127.    Tonnage rates
   128.    Vessels exempt from tonnage rates in certain circumstances
   131.    Mooring charges

   PART IV -- Goods and charges thereon  

   131A.   Cargo landed and reshipped and transhipment cargo
   132.    Computation of dues
   133.    Inward manifests
   134.    Outward manifests
   135.    Payment of wharfage etc. on inwards cargo
   136.    Payment of wharfage etc. on outwards cargo
   137.    Goods to be checked
   138.    Wharfage charges
   139.    Wharfage charges for cargo
   139A.   Cargo berth hire charges
   140.    Hazardous cargo charge
   142.    Rebates of wharfage charges
   146.    Outward Wharfage rates on fuel oil
   147.    Services covered by handling charges
   148.    Handling services at option of Port Authority
   149.    Cargo handled by master of vessel
   150.    Cargo landed into or shipped from railway wagons, etc.
   151.    Receipts for cargo in railway wagons
   152.    Haulage of railway wagons
   153.    Receipts etc., for inwards cargo
   154.    General responsibility of Port Authority
   155.    Delay in delivery of goods
   156.    Wrong delivery
   157.    Authority to move goods
   158.    Goods handled in wet weather
   159.    Goods requiring special treatment
   160.    Responsibility in case of fire, etc.
   161.    Notice of intention to discharge or load
   162.    Contents of packages to be discernible
   163.    Goods insufficiently packed
   165.    Charge for additional movement of goods
   166.    Discharge or loading to be continuous
   167.    Weight of package to be marked thereon
   168.    Materials in bulk not to be deposited on wharf
   169.    Working Hours
   170.    Vessels being worked overtime
   172.    Heavy goods not to be tipped on wharves
   173.    Slinging of goods
   174.    Sorting or packing on wharves
   175.    Goods falling overboard
   176.    Limitation of value of goods lost or destroyed
   177.    Limitation of the amount of liability
   178.    Limitation of liability to declared value
   179.    Passengers’ luggage
   180.    Persons receiving or retaining goods not their own property
   181.    Claims in respect of cargo
   182.    Port Authority not bound to find storage room
   183.    Period of free storage
   184.    Goods may be removed or sold
   185.    Storage rates
   186.    Manager may grant extension of period for removal
   187.    Goods may be examined
   188.    Special charge after notice to clear goods
   189.    Port Authority may grant exemption from this section
   190.     Interpretations
   191.    General requirements for all vessels
   192.    Vessels with Oil in Bulk
   193.    Vessels with inflammable liquid
   194.    Inflammable liquid on wharves or in sheds
   195.    Interpretation
   196.    General requirements for all vessels
   197.    Prohibited area
   198.    Noxious or dangerous goods
   199.    Exemptions
   200.    Power of Inspector
   201.    Where vessels are to anchor
   202.    Signals to be exhibited
   203.    Shipping of explosives
   204.    Lighters to be licensed
   205.    No explosives on passenger vessels
   206.    Segregation of explosives
   207.    Explosive to be protected from fire
   208.    Iron and steel to be covered
   209.    Matches
   210.    Stowing of explosives
   211.    No smoking
   212.    Conduct of persons
   213.    Prevention of accidents
   214.    Loading or unloading to be expedited
   215.    Place of loading or unloading
   216.    Not to be conveyed with other merchandise
   217.    Delays to be avoided
   218.    Fires, lights, water, etc.
   219.    Regulations to be exhibited
   220.    Lighters to have person in charge
   221.    Quantity to be conveyed
   222.    Space between lighters
   223.    General precautions
   225.    Explosives to be inspected
   226.    Explosives stored in lighters
   228.    Prohibited explosives area
           PART V  
   229.    Applications
   230.    Calculation of crane hire
   231.    No liability for loss
   232.    Expenses to be paid
   233.    Responsibility of hirers
   234.    General responsibility
   235.    Tampering with cranes
   236.    Special lifts

   PART VI -- Licences and permits  

   239.    Baggage porters to be licensed
   240.    Application for licence
   241.    Issue of licence
   242.    Terms of licence
   243.    Badge to be worn by licensee
   244.    Transfer of licence
   245.    Carriers and drivers
   246.    Cancellation of licence or refusal of entry
           PART VII  
   260.    Touting
   261.    Stray boats
   262.    Discharge of wastes, etc., into harbour waters
   262A.   Discharge of ballast into port waters prohibited unless approved by Harbour Master
   263.    Dead animals, etc., in harbour
   264.    Interference with notice boards
   265.    Defacement and bill posting prohibited
   266.    Life-saving appliances
   267.    Dragging or grappling in the harbour
   268.    Launching of vessels
   269.    Preservation of order
   270.    Horses on beaches
   271.    Prohibition of animals within the harbour
   272.    Riding or driving upon wharves
   273.    Riding or driving on Port Authority property in general
   274.    Drivers to stop at entrance or exit
   275.    Vehicles on wharves or in sheds
   276.    Parking and standing of vehicles
   277.    Vehicles may be moved
   278.    Disorderly persons
   279.    Convicted and undesirable persons
   280.    Drinking of liquor
   281.    Smoking, loitering, etc. and unauthorised speeches
   282.    Nuisances
   283.    Selling or distributing papers, etc.
   284.    Removal of material
   285.    Unserviceable vessels to be removed
   286.    Entering upon wrecks
   287.    Fire alarms and appliances
   288.    Wharves, etc., may be closed
   289.    Presence on wharves may be queried
   290.    Public demonstrations
   290A.   Interpretation of “authorised person”
   291.    Children not allowed on wharves
   292.    Cargo not to be shipped at landing steps
   293.    Fishing
   293A.   Removal of marine life from structures prohibited
   294.    No building without Port Authority permission
   295.    Climbing about structures not permitted
   296.    Tampering with water appliances
   297.    Tampering with electric lights or power mains
   298.    Tugs, lighters and other vessels to be licensed
   299.    Complaints
   300.    Where livestock to be landed
   301.    Stock vessels to be cleaned
   302.    Exemption from liability
   303.    Wharf holidays
   304.    Decaying matter not to be left on wharves
   305.    Special services
   305A.   Persons in breach of regulations to give name and address and leave premises when required to do so
   305B.   Persons in breach of regulations may be apprehended and removed from premises

   PART IX -- Bathing, beach, boating and water ski-ing regulations  

   351.     Interpretation
   352.    Areas may be set aside
   353.    Prohibited activities
   354.    Conduct generally
   355.    Public activities
   356.    Animals and birds
   357.    Fishing
   358.    Boats
   359.    Camping
   360.    Bathing
   361.    Areas for lifesaving competitions
   362.    Adequate clothing
   363.    Conduct of persons bathing
   364.    Beach inspectors
   365.    Registration of boats
   366.    Identification of boats
   367.    Interpretation
   367A.   Limits on use of motor boat for water skiing
   367B.   Areas for water ski-ing
   367C.   Age limit for driver of speed boat towing water skier
   367D.   Age limit for driver of speed boat
   367E.   Dangerous or negligent driving of vessel or water ski-ing
   368.    Limits on motor boat in “diver below” area
   368A.   Driving speed boat near water skier
   368B.   Priority in take-off area
   368C.   Rope handles to be held by water skier
   368D.   Trick ski-ing not to be within 90 metres of landing area
   368E.   Ski-ing not to be within 30 metres of landing area
   368F.   Duty of speed boat driver on landing skier
   368G.   Speed boat not to approach within 25 metres of landing area
   368H.   Driver not to ride gunwale
   368I.   Ski to be retrieved
   368J.   Use of vessels while intoxicated
   368K.   Ski Jumping
   368L.   Silencer to be fitted on motor boat
   368M.   Motor boat driver not to cause nuisance
   368MA.  Risk of injury
   368N.   Advertisements prohibited
   369.    Fire extinguishers
   369A.   Life jackets
   369B.   Flares
   369BA.  Situation of equipment
   369C.   Anchor and line
   369D.   Unseaworthy vessels
   369E.   Fuel in motor boats
   369F.   Ventilation of engine compartments
   369G.   Lights
   369H.   Priority on approaching jetty
   370.    Organised regattas and sports
   370A.   Power to enter and inspect
   370B.   Offences
           PART X  
   371.    Offences
   372.    Penalties
   373.    Modified penalties
   374.    Infringement notice form
           SCHEDULE AA
           SCHEDULE A
           Compilation table

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