Western Australian Repealed Regulations

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This legislation has been repealed.



           PART 1A  
   1A.     Citation
           PART 1  
   1.      Application to register society
   2.      Amendment of rules
   3.       Application to register partial amendment of rules
   4.       Application to register complete amendment of rules
   5.       Request to cancel registry
   6.      Applications in duplicate; statutory declaration
   7.      Notice before cancelling or suspension of registry
   8.      Cancelling of registry
   9.      Suspension or renewal of suspension of registry
   10.     Advertisement of cancelling or suspension
   11.     Notice of change of registered address
   12.     Notice of resolution appointing trustees, secretary or treasurer
   13.     Nominations
   14.     Juvenile societies
   15.     Branches
   16.     Reference of dispute to Registrar
   17.     Copy of reference to Minister
   18.     Notice and requisition by Registrar
   19.     Notice of special requisition
   20.     Order for discovery
   21.     Determination and order by registrar
   22.     Application under special powers of Registrar
   23.     Copy of application to Minister
   24.     Appointment of inspectors
   25.     Notice of special meeting
   26.     Report of special meeting
   27.     Application to change name
   28.     Application to amalgamate societies
   29.     Application to register special resolution
   30.     Application to convert society into company
   31.     Registration of special resolution
   32.     Cancellation of registration
   33.     Instrument of dissolution
   34.     Acknowledgment of registry
   35.     Alterations in instrument of dissolution
   36.     Advertisement of dissolution
   37.     Application for dissolution by award of Registrar
   38.     Notice of investigation
   39.     Award of Registrar for distribution of funds
   40.     Notice of dissolution by award
   41.     Notice of proceedings to set aside dissolution
   42.     Registered society not to be registered as a branch
   43.     Establishment of new branch
   44.     Branch rules
   45.      Conversion of society into branch
   46.     Branch rules to be signed
   47.     Amendment of branch rules
   48.      Notice of appointment of branch trustees, secretary or treasurer
   49.     Annual returns
   50.     Valuation of assets and liabilities
   51.     Application of section 12 to branches
   52.     Publication of application to dispense with consent and prescribed conditions
   53.     Application to dispense with consent and prescribed conditions
   54.     Registrar may dispense with consent and prescribed conditions
   55.     Dispensation to be noted in register
   56.     Certificate of birth or death
   57.     Actuarial fees
   58.     General fees
   59.     Fees for inspection of certain documents
   60.     Persons to whom fees payable
   61.     Fees on application for investigation of society
   62.     No fees payable for certain matters
   63.     Modification of forms
   64.     Seal of the Registrar
   65.     Duties of officers and committee members
   66.     Inspection of documents
   67.     Penalty for breach of regulations
   68.      Discharge of mortgage
   69.     Registration of certificate at Office of Titles
   70.     Calculation of interest under section
   70A.     Prescribed amount under section
           PART 2  
   71.     Election of Board of Management
   72.     Registry of Board
   73.     Registrar to call first Board meeting
   74.     Registered societies and branches may elect representatives
   75.     Term of office of Board members
   76.     Election of representatives
   77.     Casual vacancies
   78.     Election of officers and trustees
   79.     Notice of appointment of officers and trustees
   80.     Casual vacancies
   81.     Officers in receipt of money
   82.     Remuneration of Secretary or Treasurer
   83.     Board meetings
   84.     Minutes to be kept
   85.     Management of land vested in Board
   86.     Board may organise sporting events
   87.     Board may sell right to organise sporting events
   88.     Profits to be used for maintenance etc
   89.     Board may raise moneys by mortgage
   90.     Moneys to be used to best advantage
   91.     Accounts to be kept
   92.     Audit
   93.     Annual returns
   94.     Board to correct errors in accounts
   95.     By-laws
   96.     Penalty for breach of regulations
           Compilation table

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