Western Australian Repealed Regulations

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This legislation has been repealed.


2 .         Interpretation

                In these regulations unless the context requires otherwise — 

        “Board” means The Library Board of Western Australia, constituted pursuant to the provisions of the Act;

        “book” includes periodical, newspaper, pamphlet, picture, print, photograph, map, chart, plan, manuscript, film, slide, gramophone record, or any other article of a like nature, forming part of the contents of the Central Music Library, whether or not the property of the Board, but does not include musical score;

        “Central Music Library” means any portion of the premises of the Board set apart by the Board primarily for the purpose of there being contained therein musical scores, books relating to music, and other articles of a like nature, and includes any room, office, passage, staircase, entrance, and exit forming part thereof or adjacent thereto;

        “librarian” means the State Librarian, and includes the person for the time being in charge of the Central Music Library;

        “musical score” means a publication that consists principally of one or more pieces of music expressed in musical notation on a staff or staves, forming part of the contents of the Central Music Library and classified by the Board as a musical score, whether such publication is the property of the Board or not;

        “reader” means any person, other than an officer of the Board, who enters the Central Music Library, and any person or body to whom a book or musical score from that Library is lent pursuant to these regulations;

        “the Act” means the Library Board of Western Australia Act 1951 (as amended).

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