Western Australian Repealed Regulations

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This legislation has been repealed.



   1.      Citation
   2.      Revocation
   3.      Interpretation
   4.      Directions in forms
   5.      Fees
   6.      Information papers
   7.      Register to be kept
   8.      Fees to be paid to certain district registrars and assistant district registrars
   9.      Discretion as to completing form
   10.     Prescribed period of gestation and weight (section 3)
           12. Registration of birth by authority of a Judge
   13.     Registrations under Adoption of Children Act 1896
   14.     Application to confer, change or add name
   15.     Application relating to lawful change of name or lawful assumption of name
   16.     Entry in register of name of father of illegitimate child
   16A.    Request under section 21A (2) of the Act
   16B.    Request under section 21A (3) of the Act
   16C.    Application under section 73A of the Act
   16D.    Prescribed ethnic groups, religious customs and naming procedures
   16E.    Prescribed day
   17.     Entry of disposal of body previously delivered to school of anatomy
   19.     Information concerning the legitimation of a child
   20.     Time for giving information of legitimation of child
   21.     Information paper as to birth of legitimated child signed by one parent only
   22.     Registration of birth of legitimated child born out of the State
   23.     Form of statutory declaration
   24.     Application for registration of birth of legitimated child under s.55 of the Act
   25.     Form of particulars of orders or decrees of dissolution or nullity of marriage
   26.     Penalty for offences
           1st Schedule
           2nd Schedule
           3rd Schedule
           Compilation table

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