Western Australian Repealed Regulations

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This legislation has been repealed.


1603 .         Driving on footways and median strips

        (1)         A person shall not drive a vehicle on a footway.

        (1a)         Subregulation (1) does not apply to — 

            (a)         a physically disabled person in an unmotorized wheel chair or in an exempt motor chair;

            (b)         a person pushing a perambulator or wheel chair;

            (c)         a person wheeling a bicycle, if the person is completely dismounted from the bicycle;

            (d)         a person riding a bicycle, if the footway is a dual use path;

            (e)         a person driving a vehicle across the footway by the shortest route to enter or leave a driveway or lane;

            (f)         an employee of the Australian Postal Corporation who in the course of his or her employment is riding a bicycle or motorcycle while engaged in the delivery of postal articles, if — 

        [ (i)         deleted ]

                  (ii)         the footway is not more than 100 metres from the next delivery point;

                  (iii)         the employee takes adequate precautions to avoid colliding with, endangering or obstructing any person or vehicle on the footway; and

                  (iv)         the employee is riding the bicycle or motorcycle at a speed not exceeding 10 kilometres per hour; or

            (g)         a member of the Police Force driving a special purpose vehicle in the course of patrolling an area.

        (2)         A person shall not drive a vehicle on a median strip, except at a place designed and constructed or improved for use by vehicular traffic.

        [Regulation 1603 amended in Gazette 2 April 1976 p.1049; 15 January 1981 p.100; 21 July 1989 p.2221; 14 December 1990 p.6177; 7 February 1992 pp.742-3; 5 February 1999 p.407.]

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