Western Australian Repealed Regulations

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This legislation has been repealed.


1620 .         Directions of member of Police Force

        (1)         Where a member of the Police Force regulating traffic gives a signal to stop, then — 

            (a)         a driver approaching the person giving the signal, from the direction towards which the palm of that person’s hand is facing, shall stop his vehicle at a stop line, or the edge of the intersection, or at a reasonable distance from that person, and shall not drive forward, until given the signal to proceed; and

            (b)         a pedestrian shall not cross the carriageway — 

                  (i)         at an intersection, except in the direction in which vehicular traffic is then permitted to proceed; or

                  (ii)         at a place, other than at an intersection, until given the signal, or otherwise directed, to proceed.

        (2)         For the purposes of this regulation — 

            (a)         a signal to stop may be given with either hand, with the upper arm horizontal, the forearm and fingers pointing upwards, and the open palm of the hand facing the traffic that is required to stop; and

            (b)         a signal to proceed may be given by extending the arm and fingers horizontally to the body, and then moving the forearm in the direction, with the palm facing towards the direction in which the traffic is required to proceed.

        (3)         Notwithstanding the provisions of subregulation (1) of this regulation, a driver approaching a member of the Police Force from that person’s front or rear shall, where no signal is given, stop his vehicle and not drive forward, until given the signal to proceed.

        [Regulation 1620 amended in Gazette 2 February 1982 p.399.]

[ 1621.         Repealed in Gazette 13 December 1994 p.6755.]

[Heading amended in Gazette 11 May 1979 p.1221.]

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