Western Australian Repealed Regulations

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This legislation has been repealed.


1702 .         Unattended stock on roads

        (1)         A person in charge of stock shall not — 

            (a)         allow it to stray onto a road; or

            (b)         having taken stock onto a road, allow it to remain there unattended, or inadequately attended.

        (2)         It is a defence to a complaint under subregulation (1) of this regulation, of allowing stock to stray onto a road, that all reasonable precautions were taken to prevent the stock from straying onto the road.

        (3)         Any stock that is straying on, unattended on or obstructing any portion of, a road, may be seized by a member of the Police Force or an officer of the local authority of the district and placed in a public pound.

        [Regulation 1702 inserted in Gazette 11 May 1979 p.1221; amended in Gazette 6 November 1981 p.4529; 2 February 1982 p.399.]

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