Western Australian Repealed Regulations

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This legislation has been repealed.


502 .         Overtaking

        (1)         When overtaking a moving vehicle, a driver shall, except as provided in subregulations (2) and (3) of this regulation, pass to the right of that vehicle, at a safe distance.

        (2)         Where a carriageway is a one-way carriageway, or has 2 or more marked lanes for vehicles travelling in the same direction, a driver may overtake and pass to the left of another vehicle, if conditions permit him to do so with safety.

        (3)         A driver overtaking a vehicle making, or apparently about to make, a right turn shall pass to the left of it and of any vehicle that may be stationary behind it.

        (4)         After overtaking a vehicle, a driver shall not drive in front of it, until his vehicle is safely clear.

        (5)         When a driver overtakes a vehicle on a two-way carriageway, he shall not drive to the right of the centre of the carriageway, unless the right side of the carriageway is free of oncoming traffic sufficiently far ahead to permit the overtaking movement to be completed with safety.

        (6)         The driver of a vehicle on a road shall not race with, or endeavour, by unnecessarily fast driving, to pass any other vehicle.

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