Western Australian Repealed Regulations

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This legislation has been repealed.


704 .         Pedestrians on carriageways

        (1)         A pedestrian shall not proceed along a carriageway where a footway exists on the road and is in a fit condition for use.

        (2)         A pedestrian proceeding along a carriageway shall, where practicable, travel on the carriageway or side of the carriageway used by vehicles travelling in the opposite direction, and shall keep as close as possible to the boundary of the carriageway on his right.

        (3)         Notwithstanding the provisions of subregulation (2) of this regulation where a vehicle approaches a pedestrian on a carriageway, on the same side as the pedestrian, then the pedestrian shall, if possible, immediately move off the carriageway, and shall not move back onto the carriageway, until the vehicle has passed him.

        (4)         A pedestrian shall not proceed along a carriageway abreast of more than one other pedestrian, except in a procession or parade authorized by the local authority.

        (5)         A pedestrian shall not enter upon any portion of a carriageway within 20 metres of — 

            (a)         a traffic-control signal in operation;

            (b)         a pedestrian crossing; or

            (c)         a children’s crossing,

                except for the purpose of alighting from or boarding an omnibus at an authorized stopping place, or crossing a carriageway or portion of a carriageway in accordance with the provisions of paragraph (b) or (c) of subregulation (2) of regulation 702.

        (6)         Nothing in the foregoing provisions of this regulation applies in respect of a carriageway from which vehicles are for the time being excluded.

        (7)         Where — 

            (a)         an underpass or overpass is provided specifically for the purpose of enabling pedestrians to cross a carriageway; and

            (b)         access to both entrances to the underpass or overpass may be gained from the road of which the carriageway is a portion,

                a pedestrian shall not, except by using the underpass or overpass — 

            (c)         cross any portion of the carriageway; or

            (d)         enter any portion of the carriageway for the purpose of crossing the carriageway,

                within 120 metres of any entrance to the underpass or overpass.

        [Regulation 704 amended in Gazette 8 September 1978 p.3302.]

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