Western Australian Repealed Regulations

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This legislation has been repealed.


1706 .         Sleeper berths

        (1)         A sleeper berth of a sleeper cab motor vehicle shall — 

            (a)         be located within, or immediately adjacent to, the cab and, unless completely and securely separated from the remainder of that space, not be located within the cargo space or, at all, within a trailer, whether it forms part of an articulated vehicle or not;

            (b)         be so constructed that an occupant is unlikely to be thrown out, in the event of the sudden deceleration of the vehicle;

            (c)         be so constructed as to provide internal dimensions, generally rectangular in shape, of at least 1.9 metres, in length, and throughout that length, 530 millimetres, in width, and 530 millimetres, in height above the mattress, except that the corners of horizontals may be rounded to radii not exceeding 270 millimetres; and

            (d)         be properly equipped as sleeping quarters, with springs and a mattress or, alternatively with an innerspring, air or cellular rubber mattress, at least 100 millimetres, in thickness, together with usual and necessary bed-clothing and be so constructed as to permit the ready removal of mattress and bed-clothing.

        (2)         Unless it forms part of the cab, with a doorway or opening, between the berth and the driver’s position, of a least 450 millimetres in height and 910 millimetres in width or, in the case of berths installed prior to 31 December 1962 with an opening of sufficient area to contain an ellipse having a major axis of 600 millimetres and a minor axis of 400 millimetres, a sleeper berth shall be so designed, constructed and maintained as to provide an occupant with 2 exits, one at each side of the vehicle, of at least 450 millimetres in height and 530 millimetres in width, capable of being used by him, without assistance.

        (3)         Unless it is located within, or forms part of, or affords direct entrance to, the cab of the vehicle, a sleeper berth shall be provided with means of communication between an occupant and the driver, whether by telephone, speaker tube, buzzer, pull-cord or any other electrical or mechanical means.

        (4)         A sleeper berth shall not be so located as — 

            (a)         to permit the ready entrance of gases from the vehicle’s exhaust system;

            (b)         to be overheated by the vehicle’s exhaust system; or

            (c)         in the event of a defect in the vehicle’s fuel system, to enable fuel to leak into or upon it.

        (5)         A sleeper berth shall be provided with louvres or such other adequate means of ventilation as will reasonably exclude dust and rain.

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