Western Australian Repealed Regulations

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This legislation has been repealed.


206 .         Parking lamps

        (1)         Subject to the provisions of subregulation (3), a motor vehicle (other than a motor cycle) that is less than 2.2 metres in width shall be equipped with 2 lamps, each of a power not exceeding 7 watts, which, when lighted, show a clear white light, visible at a distance of 200 metres from the front of the vehicle and so fitted to the front of the vehicle that — 

            (a)         their centres are equidistant from the centre line of the vehicle;

            (b)         the distance between their centres is not less than 600 millimetres; and

            (c)         no part of the vehicle, or its load, or equipment projects more than 500 millimetres, laterally, from the centre line of the lamp on the side of the projection.

        (2)         A motor cycle with side-car attached shall be equipped with a parking lamp or lamps fitted to the forward part of the motor cycle.

        (3)         The provisions of subregulation (1) are satisfied, if the vehicle is equipped with 2 clearance lamps which, when lighted, show an amber light to the front and which otherwise conform to, and are fitted in conformity with, that subregulation.

        (4)         A motor vehicle (other than a motor cycle) and a motor cycle with side-car attached, first registered on or after 1 January 1970, shall have the lamps required pursuant to subregulation (1) or (2), so fitted that, when the headlamps required by these regulations are lighted, the former lamps will also be lighted or, if alight, remain lighted.

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