Western Australian Repealed Regulations

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This legislation has been repealed.


402 .         Optional forward facing lamps and reflectors

        (1)         In addition to the headlamp or lamps required by these regulations there may be fitted to the front of a motor vehicle, equipped with a dipping device, no more than 2 additional headlamps to which the provisions of regulation 204 do not apply and which are so fitted and of such a type that — 

            (a)         they are not higher than 1.4 metres above the ground;

            (b)         they are capable of showing white light only and of projecting the main beam in front of the vehicle; and

            (c)         they are so connected electrically with the headlamps prescribed by these regulations that they are extinguished when the headlamps are in the dipped position, and can also be extinguished separately.

        (2)         In addition to any lamps required or permitted by these regulations there may be fitted to the front of a motor vehicle or trailer — 

            (a)         reflectors, symmetrically placed on opposite sides and equidistant from the centre line of the vehicle and at equal height from the ground; or

            (b)         one reflector fitted to the right hand side of the vehicle,

                and each reflector shall project to the front of the vehicle a white or amber reflection of the light projected by the lamp of a vehicle approaching from the opposite direction.

        [(3)         repealed]

        (4)         Where clearance lamps are required by these regulations to be fitted to a vehicle there may also be affixed, to, or above, the roof of the cabin of the vehicle, not more than 5 additional lamps, each of a power not exceeding 7 watts, displaying an amber light to the front and having their centres not less than 120 millimetres apart.

        [Regulation 402 amended in Gazette 28 Oct 1988 p. 4286.]

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