Western Australian Repealed Regulations

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This legislation has been repealed.


603 .         Brakes on trailers

        (1)         Subject to the provisions of subregulations (6), (8) and (9), a trailer and a semi-trailer shall be equipped with an efficient brake so designed, constructed and maintained that it is capable of acting upon all wheels.

        (2)         The brake tubing and brake hose fitted to a trailer or semi-trailer shall be such as comply with the requirements of regulation 601.

        (3)         Subject to the provisions of subregulation (5), a trailer exceeding a gross mass of 2 tonnes and a semi-trailer and pole-type trailer shall — 

            (a)         be equipped with brakes of such a character as to be applied automatically and promptly, upon its breaking away from the towing vehicle and be so constructed as to maintain application of the brakes, in the event of a breakaway, for at least 15 minutes;

            (b)         if fitted with an air or vacuum operated brake system, be equipped with such a storage reservoir for air or vacuum, as the case may require, as complies with the requirements of regulation 601; and

            (c)         if fitted with an air operated brake system and manufactured or first registered after 1 January 1960 be equipped with a system so designed that the air supply reservoir is safeguarded against back flow of air through the supply line.

        (4)         The storage reservoir with which a trailer is equipped in accordance with subregulation (3)(b), shall be provided with such a visible or audible warning signal or both as will readily indicate to the driver, while in his proper driving position, any loss or lack of air or vacuum sufficient to prevent the vehicle from being stopped, in the distance prescribed by regulation 604, and a gauge indicating pressure or vacuum within the reservoir does not satisfy the requirements of this subregulation.

        (5)         Where a vehicle to which subregulation (3) applies — 

            (a)         is registered, for the first time, after the commencement of these regulations; or

            (b)         is used after 1 January 1967,

                it shall be so equipped as to comply with the provisions of that subregulation.

        (6)         A brake is not required to be fitted to — 

            (a)         a trailer that has a tare of less than 500 kilograms, and an aggregate mass of less than one tonne;

            (b)         a caravan trailer or a plant trailer that has a tare not exceeding one tonne; or

            (c)         any other trailer exempted from that requirement by the Director General either generally by notice published in the Gazette or specially by notice in writing to the owner, but in either event so long only as the trailer is used in conformity with the conditions imposed by the Director General in the notice exempting the trailer from that requirement.

        (7)         Where brakes are required by these regulations to be fitted to a vehicle, overrun brakes are not a braking system for the purposes of that requirement except that over-run brakes of a make and type approved by the Director General are deemed to be an efficient braking system where fitted to a trailer of which the aggregate mass does not exceed 2 tonnes.

        (8)         A trailer of an aggregate mass not exceeding 2 tonnes that has 2 axles may be fitted with brakes that operate on the wheels fitted to one of those axles only.

        (9)         A trailer with an aggregate mass not exceeding 3 tonnes and which has 3 axles may be fitted with brakes that operate on only the wheels fitted to 2 of those axles.

        [Regulation 603 amended in Gazette 2 Feb 1982 p. 407; 31 Jan 1997 p. 685-6.]

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