Western Australian Repealed Regulations

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This legislation has been repealed.


701 .         Mudguards on wheels on foremost axle

        (1)         Subject to subregulation (2), every motor vehicle shall, unless the forward portion of the vehicle is so designed or constructed that it fulfils all the conditions set out in paragraphs (a) and (b), have a mudguard or mudguards for all the wheels on the foremost axle of the vehicle firmly fitted to it; and each mudguard shall be so constructed and fitted that — 

            (a)         as far as practicable, it catches or deflects downwards any stones, mud, water or other substance thrown upwards by the rotation of the wheels; and

            (b)         in the case of a motor vehicle, other than a motor cycle, it is capable, either alone or in conjunction with other components of the vehicle body or chassis, of preventing direct contact with the upper half of the wheel, in the event of a forward collision.

        (2)         The provisions of this regulation do not apply to a vehicle of which the construction or use is such, that, in the opinion of the Director General, it is unnecessary or impracticable to provide a mudguard or mudguards.

        [Regulation 701 amended in Gazette 2 Feb 1982 p. 407; 31 Jan 1997 p. 685-6.]

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