Western Australian Repealed Regulations

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This legislation has been repealed.



   PART I -- Preliminary  

   1.      Citation
   4.      Interpretation

   PART II -- Duties of inspectors and methods of inspection  

   5.      Questions to be written and certified
   6.      Form of written statement
   7.      Workmen’s inspector to submit reports
   8.      Form of Record Book
   9.      How entries to be made in Record Book

   PART III -- Appointment of inspectors  

   10.     District inspectors
   11.     Workmen’s inspectors

   PART IV -- Registration of mills  

   12.     Form of application for registration
   13.     Plans to be submitted with application
   14.     Inspection of mill and requisitions
   15.     Registration of mill
   16.     Duration and renewal of registration
   17.     Fee for registration
   18.     Change in number of employees
   19.     Change of ownership of registered mill
   20.     Registration not a guarantee of safety

   PART V -- Accidents and requisitions  

   21.     Form of accident notice
   22.     Form of requisition
   23.     Form of notice of appeal

   PART VI -- Sanitation and health  

   24.     Inconsistency
   25.     Disposal of nightsoil and rubbish
   26.     Procedure for disposal of nightsoil
   27.     Sanitary conveniences at dwellings
   28.     Sanitary conveniences at timber holdings
   29.     Mill site area
   30.     Water supply
   31.     Boarding-houses
   32.     Dust
   33.     Timber preservative treatment
   34.     Protection to be provided where chemicals are used
   35.     Gloves to be provided and worn when using preservatives
   36.     General
   37.     First aid
   38.     Appeal

   PART VII -- Bush operations, log landings and log transport  

   39.     Canopy required on mobile machines
   40.     Signalling device required on stationary machines
   41.     Safety of signal operator
   42.     Dangerous trees to be cleared
   43.     Landings to be made safe
   44.     Gradient of skids
   45.     Size and quality of skids
   46.     Height of skids
   47.     Chocks
   48.     Roadways to be kept clear
   49.     Safety rope for hookman
   50.     Stacking of logs
   51.     Logs on trucks to be chocked
   52.     Logs jockeyed for transport
   53.     Jockeyed logs to be secured
   54.     Unloading of jockeyed logs
   55.     Anchor rope to be used when unloading
   56.     Safety helmets to be worn
   57.     Vehicles carrying workmen
   58.     Transport of explosives or liquid fuel

   PART VIII -- Mill operations, machinery, buildings and plant  

   59.     Inspector may direct unsafe equipment not to be used
   60.     Driving gear
   61.     Joining or mending belts or ropes
   62.     Belts and ropes not to be placed by hand
   63.     Signal devices at major machines
   64.     Access to engines
   65.     Limit device on log inhaul
   66.     Pulley bearings
   67.     Preventing of accidental starting of machines
   68.     Saws
   69.     Drilling at end of crack prohibited
   70.     Saws for rip sawing
   71.     Saws for crosscutting
   72.     Buildings
   73.     Lighting
   74.     Protruding structures to be painted
   75.     Clearance of overhead conveyor
   76.     Dust race to be boxed
   77.     Solid waste conveyor to be boxed or screened
   78.     Gradient of skids
   79.     Skids to be kept in good repair
   80.     Plant
   81.     Jointing machines
   82.     Breaking down machines
   83.     Spot benches
   84.     Cant hooks
   85.     Spacing of machines
   86.     Clearance at end of bench track
   87.     Location of machines
   88.     Partitions may be required
   89.     Machines to be fixed to supports
   90.     Dust or chips to be cleared from machines
   91.     Buildings, plant and machinery to be examined
   92.     Fire dumps
   93.     Main power to be switched off
   94.     Covering of start buttons
   95.     Maintenance work

   PART IX -- Handling, storage, transport of product  

   96.     Stacks in loading yards
   97.     Stacks in seasoning yards or storage sheds

   PART X -- Miscellaneous  

   98.     Intoxicated persons not to be employed
   99.     Intoxicated person not to work in mill
   100.    Non-English speakers
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