Western Australian Repealed Regulations

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This legislation has been repealed.


71 .         Saws for crosscutting

        (1)         A saw used for crosscutting and the mechanisms associated with it shall be guarded to the satisfaction of an inspector.

        (2)         On a pendulum type of docking saw the belt and the saw spindle pulley which it drives shall be guarded in a manner that prevents the operator from inadvertently touching these parts.

        (3)         The saw shall revolve in the direction which holds the work piece against the fence.

        (4)         The whole of the periphery of the saw blade shall be adequately guarded at all times when the same is in a retracted position.

        (5)         All the non-working portion of the saw blade shall be adequately guarded at all times.

        (6)         The saw shall either pass through the workpiece within a guarded area of the sawing table or the sawing head shall carry a guard, and the width of the guard and its height above the sawing table shall be commensurate with the size of the work pieces to be accommodated.

        (7)         The controls for moving the saw shall be arranged in such a way that there is the least possible chance of a man’s hand being in the work area at the time when the saw moves into that area.

        (8)         A limit chain or other effective device shall be provided to prevent the saw from moving too far in either direction, and at the limit of the outward travel the front edge of the saw shall not be closer than 50 millimetres to the front edge of the sawing table, but the edge of the table may have a local extension to ensure that the width of material that can be cut will not be unduly restricted.

        (9)         There shall be an effective device to return the saw automatically to a safe position without any rebound into the work area when released at any point of travel and the device shall not depend for its proper functioning upon any spring; where a separate counter-weight is used it shall be attached by a suitable chain or wire rope properly thimbled and clipped, firmly shackled to the saw frame, and where a counterweight is attached to a bar the bar shall be firmly fixed to the saw frame and a bolt shall pass through the weight and the bar or a limit bolt shall be put through the outer end of the bar.

        [Regulation 71 amended in Gazette 27 Oct 1972 p. 4231; 28 Jun 1973 p. 2476.]

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