Australian Capital Territory Repealed Regulations

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This legislation has been repealed.



   1.      Acceptance of Retainer - (Instructions to Act or Provide a Legal Service)  
   2.      Confidentiality  
   3.      Keeping the Client Informed  
   4.      Acting Against a Former Client  
   5.      Practitioners employed otherwise than by a practitioner  
   6.      Termination of Retainer  
   7.      Ownership of Clients' Documents - Termination of Retainer  
   8.      Acting for more than one party  
   9.      Avoiding Conflict of Interest (where practitioner's own interest involved)  
   10.     A Practitioner Receiving a Benefit under a Will or other Instrument  
   11.     Practitioner and Client - Borrowing Transactions  
   12.     Preparation of Affidavits  
   13.     Practitioner a Material Witness in Client's Case  
   14.     Admission of Guilt  
   15.     Admission of Perjury  
   16.     Bail  
   17.     Duty to client  
   18.     Independence - Avoidance of Personal bias  
   19.     Frankness in court  
   20.     Admission by client  
   21.     Responsible use of privilege  
   22.     Integrity of evidence  
   23.     Duty to opponent  
   24.     Prosecutor's duties  
   25.     Communications  
   26.     Undertakings  
   27.     Taking over a Matter from Another Practitioner  
   28.     Transfer of a Practitioner's Practice  
   29.     Communicating with Another Practitioner's Client  
   30.     Contracting for Services  
   31.     Undertakings  
   32.     Communications  
   33.     Debt Collection or Mercantile Agencies  
   34.     Conducting Another Business  
   35.     Referral Fees - Taking unfair advantage of potential clients - Commissions  
   36.     Supervision  
   37.     Conduct of Practice  
   38.     Firms  
   39.     Attraction of Business  
   40.     Fees  
   41.     Dealings with the Law Society  
   42.     Anti-Discrimination  
   43.     Trust Accounts  
   44.     Practising Solicitors Serving as Part-Time Judicial Officers or Tribunal Members  
           SCHEDULE 1 Solicitor Acting for Both Buyer and Seller
           SCHEDULE 2 Solicitor Acting for Both Mortgagor and Mortgagee
           SCHEDULE 3 Solicitor Acting for Both Lessor and Lessee

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