Australian Capital Territory Repealed Regulations

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This legislation has been repealed.



1     About the endnotes

Amending and modifying laws are annotated in the legislation history and the amendment history. Current modifications are not included in the republished law but are set out in the endnotes.

Not all editorial amendments made under the Legislation Act 2001, part 11.3 are annotated in the amendment history. Full details of any amendments can be obtained from the Parliamentary Counsel's Office.

Uncommenced amending laws and expiries are listed in the legislation history and the amendment history. These details are underlined. Uncommenced provisions and amendments are not included in the republished law but are set out in the last endnote.

If all the provisions of the law have been renumbered, a table of renumbered provisions gives details of previous and current numbering.

The endnotes also include a table of earlier republications.

2     Abbreviation key

am = amended

ord = ordinance

amdt = amendment

orig = original

ch = chapter

par = paragraph/subparagraph

cl = clause

pres = present

def = definition

prev = previous

dict = dictionary

(prev...) = previously

disallowed = disallowed by the Legislative

pt = part


r = rule/subrule

div = division

reg = regulation/subregulation

exp = expires/expired

renum = renumbered

Gaz = Gazette

reloc = relocated

hdg = heading

R[X] = Republication No

IA = Interpretation Act 1967

RI = reissue

ins = inserted/added

s = section/subsection

LA = Legislation Act 2001

sch = schedule

LR = legislation register

sdiv = subdivision

LRA = Legislation (Republication) Act 1996

sub = substituted

mod = modified/modification

SL = Subordinate Law

o = order

underlining = whole or part not commenced

om = omitted/repealed

or to be expired

3     Legislation history

These regulations were originally the Litter Regulations. They were renamed under the Legislation Act 2001.

Litter Regulations 1993 No 42

notified 8 November 1993 (Gaz 1993 No S228)

commenced 8 November 1993 (reg 2)

as amended by

Litter Regulations (Amendment) 1998 No 39

notified 18 December 1998 (Gaz 1998 No S214)

commenced 18 December 1998 (reg 1)

Legislation (Consequential Amendments) Act 2001 No 44 pt 228

notified 26 July 2001 (Gaz 2001 No 30)

s 1, s 2 commenced 26 July 2001 (IA s 10B)

pt 228 commenced 12 September 2001 (s 2 and see Gaz 2001 No S65)

as repealed by

Litter Act 2004 A2004-47 s 28

notified LR 16 August 2004
s 1, s 2 commenced 16 August 2004 (LA s 75 (1))

s 28 commenced 30 September 2004 (s 2 and CN2004-22)

4     Amendment history

reg 1     am R1 LA

reg 2     om Act 2001 No 44 amdt 1.2679

reg 3     om Act 2001 No 44 amdt 1.2679

Prescribed penalties
sch 1 hdg     (prev sch hdg) renum R1 LA
sch 1     am 1998 No 39 reg 2; items num R1 LA

5     Earlier republications

Some earlier republications were not numbered. The number in column 1 refers to the publication order.

Since 12 September 2001 every authorised republication has been published in electronic pdf format on the ACT legislation register. A selection of authorised republications have also been published in printed format. These republications are marked with an asterisk (*) in column 1. Except for the footer, electronic and printed versions of an authorised republication are identical.

Republication No and date


Last amendment made by

Republication for

20 Feb 2002

12 Sept 2001–
29 Sept 2004


new regulations and amendments by SL1998-39 and A2001-44

© Australian Capital Territory 2004

Australian Capital Territory


Republication No 2

Effective: 30 September 2004

Republication date: 30 September 2004

As repealed by A2004-47 s 28

Unauthorised version prepared by ACT Parliamentary Counsel's Office

About this republication

The republished law

This is a republication of the Litter Regulations 1993 (repealed), made under the Litter Act 1977, including any amendment made under the Legislation Act 2001, part 11.3 (Editorial changes). It also includes any commencement, amendment, repeal or expiry affecting the republished law to 30 September 2004.

The legislation history and amendment history of the republished law are set out in endnotes 3 and 4.

Kinds of republications

The Parliamentary Counsel's Office prepares 2 kinds of republications of ACT laws (see the ACT legislation register at

              • authorised republications to which the Legislation Act 2001 applies

              • unauthorised republications.

The status of this republication appears on the bottom of each page.

Editorial changes

The Legislation Act 2001, part 11.3 authorises the Parliamentary Counsel to make editorial amendments and other changes of a formal nature when preparing a law for republication. Editorial changes do not change the effect of the law, but have effect as if they had been made by an Act commencing on the republication date (see Legislation Act 2001, s 115 and s 117). The changes are made if the Parliamentary Counsel considers they are desirable to bring the law into line, or more closely into line, with current legislative drafting practice.

This republication does not include amendments made under part 11.3 (see endnote 1).

Uncommenced provisions and amendments

If a provision of the republished law has not commenced or is affected by an uncommenced amendment, the symbol  U  appears immediately before the provision heading. The text of the uncommenced provision or amendment appears only in the last endnote.


If a provision of the republished law is affected by a current modification, the symbol  M  appears immediately before the provision heading. The text of the modifying provision appears in the endnotes. For the legal status of modifications, see Legislation Act 2001, section 95.


The value of a penalty unit for an offence against this republished law at the republication date is—

(a) if the person charged is an individual—$100; or

(b) if the person charged is a corporation—$500.

Australian Capital Territory

Litter Regulations 1993 (repealed)


Australian Capital Territory

Litter Regulations 1993 (repealed)

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