New South Wales Consolidated Acts

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Local strategic planning statements of councils

3.9 Local strategic planning statements of councils

(1) The council of an area must prepare and make a local strategic planning statement and review the statement at least every 7 years.
(2) The statement must include or identify the following--
(a) the basis for strategic planning in the area, having regard to economic, social and environmental matters,
(b) the planning priorities for the area that are consistent with any strategic plan applying to the area and (subject to any such strategic plan) any applicable community strategic plan under section 402 of the Local Government Act 1993 ,
(c) the actions required for achieving those planning priorities,
(d) the basis on which the council is to monitor and report on the implementation of those actions.
(3) The statement for an area that is divided into wards may deal separately with each ward. In that case, the councillors of a ward are to be given a reasonable opportunity to participate in the preparation of the provisions of the statement that deal with the ward and those provisions are required to be--
(a) endorsed by those councillors as being consistent with the strategic plans referred to in subsection (2)(b) as they relate to the ward, or
(b) if not so endorsed by those councillors--so endorsed at the request of the council by the Planning Secretary.
However, the Minister may direct that the endorsement of those provisions is not required in specified circumstances (for example, because of the small number of persons living in the ward).
(3A) The council for an area that is in the Six Cities Region must not make a local strategic planning statement unless the Planning Secretary has advised the council in writing that the Planning Secretary supports the statement as being consistent with the applicable regional and district strategic plans.
(4) The Planning Secretary may issue requirements with respect to the preparation and making of local strategic planning statements (including requirements with respect to the participation of councillors of a ward).
(5) A local strategic planning statement must be published on the NSW planning portal.
Note : See section 3.33(2) in relation to the requirement for the planning proposal for a proposed local environmental plan to address whether the proposal will give effect to the local strategic planning statement.

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