Northern Territory Consolidated Acts

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Reappointment of person who resigned to contest elections

    (1)     Where the Commissioner is satisfied that a person who was a member of the Police Force:

        (a)     resigned from the Police Force for the purpose specified in section 20(1)(c) and after having given the notice required by that section;

        (b)     was a candidate for election to a House of the Parliament or to another assembly or body referred to in that paragraph; and

        (c)     failed to be elected,

the Commissioner shall, upon application by that person within 2 months after the declaration of the result of the election but subject to subsection (6), reappoint the person to a position in the Police Force having a salary, or range of salary, applicable to the position occupied by the member before the date of his resignation.

    (2)     A person shall be reappointed under this section without being required to undergo any medical examination and whether or not he possesses the appropriate educational qualifications or meets the appropriate requirements.

    (3)     A person shall be reappointed under this section without probation.

    (4)     A person reappointed under this section shall be deemed to have continued in the Police Force as if he had not resigned but had been on leave of absence without pay during the period from the day on which his resignation became effective to and including the day immediately preceding the day on which he was reappointed.

    (5)     The period referred to in subsection (4) shall, for all purposes, be deemed to form part of the member's period of service in the Police Force.

    (6)     This section does not authorise the reappointment of a person who has attained the age of 67 years.

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