Northern Territory Consolidated Acts

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    (1)     A conciliator must do everything that appears to him or her to be right and proper to assist the parties to reach agreement in relation to the matters at issue between the parties.

    (2)     The action that may be taken by a conciliator under subsection (1) includes any of the following:

        (a)     arranging conferences by the parties or their representatives presided over by the conciliator;

        (b)     arranging for the parties or their representatives to confer amongst themselves at conferences that the conciliator does not attend;

        (c)     facilitating agreement between the parties as to matters referred to conciliation;

        (d)     mediation;

        (e)     advising the Tribunal that the parties have requested the Tribunal to make a determination or to vary or revoke a determination of the Tribunal;

        (f)     concluding the matter by both parties agreeing not to continue with the matter.

    (3)     The procedures to be adopted in relation to conciliation of a matter are to be as determined by the conciliator.

    (4)     A conciliator must not, except with the agreement of the Commissioner and the Police Association, disclose anything said or done for the purposes of conciliating a matter under this Part.

    (5)     A conciliator is not personally liable for any action taken, or not taken, in good faith for the purposes of conciliating a matter under this Part.

    (6)     If an agreement under this section is inconsistent with a determination of the Tribunal, the determination prevails to the extent of the inconsistency.

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