Northern Territory Consolidated Acts

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Review of actions taken or fines imposed

    (1)     Where under this Part a prescribed member takes action or imposes a fine on a member, the member may, within 7 days of being advised of the action or fine, apply in writing to the Commanding Officer of the Police Command in which the member was employed at the time the breach was committed to have the matter reviewed.

    (2)     As soon as practicable after receiving an application under subsection (1), the Commanding Officer shall arrange for a prescribed member holding a rank higher than that of the prescribed member taking the action or imposing the fine to review the matter.

    (3)     Subject to the Regulations and the directions, if any, of the Commanding Officer, a prescribed member required under subsection (2) to review a matter may review it in such manner as the prescribed member thinks fit and, in substitution for the action taken or fine imposed by the other prescribed member, take such action or impose such fine as he thinks fit and which could have been taken or imposed by the other prescribed member.

    (4)     Nothing in this section prevents a member from appealing under Part VI against an action taken or fine imposed under subsection (3) or section 81(2)(d)(ii).

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