Queensland Consolidated Regulations

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SCHEDULE 2 – Graduated scale for additional compensation for workers with terminal latent onset injuries

1 Graduated scale

(1) This schedule contains the graduated scale for additional compensation for a worker who has a terminal condition that is a latent onset injury.
(2) The maximum amount of lump sum compensation payable under this schedule is 216.15 times QOTE.

2 How to use the graduated scale

The worker’s additional lump sum compensation entitlement is the amount shown in column 2 that corresponds to the age of the worker when the worker lodges the worker’s application for compensation as shown in column 1.

Graduated scale

Column 1
Worker’s age
Column 2
Additional lump sum compensation
70 years or under 216.15 times QOTE
71 years 194.54 times QOTE
72 years 172.92 times QOTE
73 years 151.31 times QOTE
74 years 126.69 times QOTE
75 years 108.08 times QOTE
76 years 86.47 times QOTE
77 years 64.86 times QOTE
78 years 43.24 times QOTE
79 years 21.63 times QOTE
80 years or over 0

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