Queensland Consolidated Regulations

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Matters chief executive must consider

23 Matters chief executive must consider

(1) In dealing with unallocated water, the chief executive must consider—
(a) the need for, and efficiency of, present and proposed uses of water including—
(i) the extent to which water is being taken under existing authorisations in the plan area; and
(ii) emerging requirements for additional water, both within and outside the plan area, and the likely timeframe in which the additional water will be required; and
(iii) alternative water sources including, for example, recycled water and water savings from improvements in the efficiency of water use; and
(b) the availability of an alternative water supply for the purpose for which the water is required; and
(c) the impact the proposed taking of, or interfering with, the water may have on the following—
(i) water quality;
(ii) estuarine areas;
(iii) inundation of habitats;
(iv) the movement of fish and other aquatic species;
(v) the natural movement of sediment;
(vi) recreation and aesthetic values;
(vii) cultural values, including, for example, cultural values of the traditional owners of the area; and
(d) whether the proposed taking of or interfering with, or the proposed use of, the water is likely to—
(i) have a direct adverse effect on groundwater; or
(ii) lead to degradation of land or downstream watercourses; and
(e) whether the proposed use of the water is consistent with—
(i) the SEQ regional plan; and
(ii) a system operating plan applying to the plan area; and
(iii) a regional water security program for the SEQ region; and
(f) if the process in the resource operations plan for granting unallocated water includes a public auction, public ballot or public tender—the price offered under the process.
(2) Subsection (1) does not limit the matters the chief executive may consider.

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