Queensland Consolidated Regulations

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Particular activities allowed in all zones

27 Particular activities allowed in all zones

(1) A person may carry out any of the following activities in the wet tropics area—
(a) an activity for—
(i) protecting the life of, or preventing injury to, a person, if the activity is carried out in an emergency; or
(ii) the urgent protection of property; or
(iii) the urgent control of a fire or other natural disaster;
(b) maintaining a firebreak that existed immediately before 1 September 1998 or was lawfully established under this plan;
(c) operating a motorised boat in a dam, in tidal waters or on Lake Barrine, if the operation is otherwise lawful;
(d) burning vegetation, other than in a rainforest area, if the burning is otherwise lawful;
(e) transporting an undesirable animal through the area, in a vehicle or within some other constraint, in a way that ensures the animal cannot stray or escape onto land in the area;
(f) grazing cattle, other than in a rainforest area, if the grazing is otherwise lawful;
(g) for a government—the operation of community services infrastructure being lawfully operated by the government immediately before 1 September 1998;
(h) disposing of general waste in a container provided by the land-holder for that purpose, subject to section 29 as it applies to the land-holder disposing of waste;
Example for paragraph (h)—
a member of the public disposing of food waste in a rubbish bin on land in a protected area if the bin is provided by the land-holder for that purpose
(i) flying a motorised aircraft, for commercial purposes, less than 1,000ft above the area if—
(i) ascending while taking-off from a place outside the area; or
(ii) flying at a level that is reasonably necessary for safety purposes; or
(iii) descending to land at a place outside the area.
See also section 23 .
(2) In this section—

"cattle" means European cattle or zebu cattle.

"preventing injury" , to a person, includes, if the person has been injured, reducing the injury or preventing further injury.

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