Queensland Numbered Acts

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           Part 1--Preliminary
   1.      Short title
   2.      Commencement
           Part 2--Amendment of Body Corporate and Community Management Act 1997
   3.      Act amended
   4.      Amendment of s 47B (Adjustment of contribution schedule for particular schemes by order of specialist adjudicator or QCAT)
   5.      Amendment of s 51 (Limited adjustment of lot entitlement schedule—after formal acquisition of part of scheme land)
   6.      Amendment of s 51A (Limited adjustment of lot entitlement schedule for specified two-lot scheme—after formal acquisition of part of scheme land)
   7.      Amendment s 54 (Subsequent community management statement)
   8.      Amendment of s 63 (Responsibility for preparing, and for costs of preparing, new statement)
   9.      Amendment of s 65 (Time for lodging request to record new statement)
   10.     Insertion of new ch 8, pt 11
   11.     Amendment of sch 6 (Dictionary)
           Part 3--Amendment of Casino Control Act 1982
   12.     Act amended
   13.     Omission of s 51A (Application of casino tax)
   14.     Amendment of s 52 (Casino community benefit fund)
   15.     Amendment of s 62 (Gaming equipment and chips)
   16.     Amendment of s 65 (Obligation of casino operator in relation to conduct of games)
   17.     Amendment of s 71A (Unclaimed winnings and prizes)
   18.     Amendment of s 72 (Training courses for employees)
   19.     Amendment of s 74 (Control system submission)
   20.     Amendment of s 75 (Control system (change) submission)
   21.     Amendment of s 96 (Duration of direction under s 92 or 94)
           22. Amendment of s 127 (Regulation-making power)
   23.     Insertion of new pt 11, div 8
   24.     Amendment of schedule (Dictionary)
           Part 4--Amendment of Civil Proceedings Act 2011
   25.     Act amended
   26.     Amendment of pt 15, hdg (Transitional provisions for Civil Proceedings Act 2011)
   27.     Insertion of new pt 15, div 1, hdg
   28.     Insertion of new pt 15, div 2
           Part 5--Amendment of Credit (Commonwealth Powers) Act 2010
   29.     Act amended
   30.     Amendment of pt 4, div 4, hdg (General provisions)
   31.     Insertion of new pt 4, div 5
   32.     Omission of pt 6 (Maximum annual percentage rate for credit contracts)
           Part 6--Amendment of Funeral Benefit Business Act 1982
   33.     Act amended
   34.     Amendment of s 9 (Funeral Benefit Trust Fund and its trustees)
   35.     Omission of s 10 (Trustees are statutory body)
   36.     Amendment of s 15 (Payment of moneys into the fund)
   37.     Amendment of s 16 (Payments from the fund in respect of benefits)
   38.     Amendment of s 18 (Payments from the fund in special circumstances)
   39.     Amendment of s 22 (Where assets more than sufficient to meet liabilities)
   40.     Amendment of s 88 (Regulations)
           41. Insertion of new pt 9
           Part 7--Amendment of Gaming Machine Act 1991
   42.     Act amended
   43.     Amendment of s 3 (Meaning of conduct of gaming)
   44.     Amendment of s 29 (Who may apply for a review by tribunal)
   45.     Amendment of s 50 (Delegations)
           46. Amendment of s 53 (Criminal history reports)
   47.     Amendment of s 55A (Applications of significant community impact)
   48.     Amendment of s 55C (Advertisement of application of significant community impact)
   49.     Amendment of s 56 (Application for gaming machine licences)
   50.     Amendment of s 67 (Changes in circumstances of category 2 licensees)
   51.     Amendment of s 68 (Issue of gaming machine licences generally)
   52.     Amendment of s 69 (Issue of amalgamated gaming machine licences to clubs)
   53.     Amendment of s 71A (Replacement of gaming machine licence for particular changes)
   54.     Omission of s 72 (Term of gaming machine licences)
   55.     Omission of s 76 (Renewal and continuance of gaming machine licences)
   56.     Omission of s 80A (When gaming machine licence lapses and number of approved gaming machines changes)
   57.     Omission of s 85AA (When approval lapses and number of additional gaming machines changes)
   58.     Amendment of s 87 (Decision on decrease proposal)
   59.     Amendment of s 90 (Surrender or disposal of gaming machines on approval of decrease)
   60.     Amendment of s 91A (Ceasing gaming at licensed premises)
   61.     Amendment of s 92 (Disclosure of influential or benefiting parties)
   62.     Replacement of s 94 (Cessation or commencement of executive officer or secretary)
   63.     Amendment of s 95 (Surrender of gaming machine licences)
   64.     Amendment of s 97 (Cancellation or suspension of gaming machine licences and letters of censure)
   65.     Amendment of s 103 (Amounts payable under gaming machine licence that ceases to have effect)
   66.     Amendment of s 104 (Disposal of gaming machines on cancellation or non-renewal of gaming machine licence)
   67.     Amendment of s 109D (Dealing with amounts received on sale of operating authorities of the State)
   68.     Amendment of s 109E (Dealing with amounts received on sale of licensee's operating authority)
   69.     Amendment of s 109F (When operating authorities become operating authorities of the State)
   70.     Amendment of s 109L (Definitions for div 2)
   71.     Amendment of s 109ZA (When entitlement becomes entitlement of the State)
   72.     Amendment of s 109ZE (Dealing with amount received on sale of entitlement of the State)
   73.     Amendment of s 109ZH (Decrease in, or end of, temporary transfer of entitlements)
   74.     Amendment of s 163 (Approved control system for supply operations)
   75.     Replacement of ss 164–167
           76. Amendment of s 185 (Meaning of key monitoring employee)
   77.     Amendment of s 214A (Grounds)
           78. Amendment of s 240 (Gaming tokens that are not Australian currency)
   79.     Amendment of s 242A (Unclaimed payments)
   80.     Amendment of s 250 (Defective gaming system components not allowed)
   81.     Amendment of s 265 (Manufacture, sale, supply, obtaining or possession of gaming machines)
   82.     Amendment of s 271 (Possession etc. of gaming equipment and other things by licensees)
   83.     Amendment of s 287 (Requirements for approvals for linked jackpot arrangements)
   84.     Amendment of s 295 (Monthly money clearances)
   85.     Amendment of s 296 (Periodic money clearances)
   86.     Amendment of s 297 (Requirement for money clearance)
   87.     Replacement of pt 9 hdg (Taxes, levies and fees)
   88.     Omission of ss 313 and 314
           89. Amendment of s 315 (Gambling community benefit fund)
   90.     Replacement of s 322 (Disposition of fees etc.)
   91.     Amendment of s 336 (Review and termination of agreements)
   92.     Amendment of s 349 (Cheating)
           93. Omission of pt 10A (Approved responsible service of gambling course)
   94.     Amendment of s 356 (Proceedings for offences)
   95.     Amendment of s 362 (Disclosure of criminal history)
   96.     Insertion of new pt 12, div 17
   97.     Amendment of sch 1 (Reviewable decisions)
   98.     Amendment of sch 2 (Dictionary)
           Part 8--Amendment of Interactive Gambling (Player Protection) Act 1998
   99.     Act amended
   100.    Amendment of s 19 (Restrictions for registration)
   101.    Amendment of s 60 (Meaning of key person and key relationship)
   102.    Amendment of s 77 (Grounds)
           103. Omission of s 116 (Payment of tax for community benefit)
   104.    Amendment of s 127 (Authorised games to be conducted under an approved control system)
   105.    Replacement of ss 128–131
           106. Amendment of s 134 (Licensed providers limited recourse to players' accounts)
   107.    Insertion of new pt 12, div 3
   108.    Amendment of sch 2 (Decisions of chief executive subject to review)
   109.    Amendment of sch 3 (Dictionary)
           Part 9--Amendment of Keno Act 1996
   110.    Act amended
   111.    Amendment of s 61 (Grounds)
           112. Omission of s 113 (Application of keno tax)
   113.    Amendment of s 117 (Keno games to be conducted under approved control system)
   114.    Replacement of ss 118–121
           115. Insertion of new pt 13, div 3
   116.    Amendment of sch 2 (Decisions of chief executive subject to appeal)
   117.    Amendment of sch 4 (Dictionary)
           Part 10--Amendment of Liquor Act 1992
   118.    Act amended
   119.    Insertion of new pt 1, div 1, hdg
   120.    Insertion of new pt 1, div 2, hdg
   121.    Amendment of s 4 (Definitions)
           122. Insertion of new pt 1, div 3, hdg
   123.    Insertion of new pt 1, div 4, hdg and pt 1, div 4, sdiv 1
   124.    Amendment of s 12 (Exemptions)
           125. Relocation and renumbering of s 13 (Act binds the Crown)
   126.    Relocation and renumbering of s 14 (Declaration for Commonwealth Act)
   127.    Insertion of new ss 13–14B and pt 1, div 4, sdiv 2
   128.    Amendment of s 21 (Jurisdiction and powers of tribunal)
   129.    Amendment of s 42A (Commissioner may make guidelines)
   130.    Replacement of ss 50 and 51
           131. Amendment of s 52 (Changing plan)
   132.    Amendment of s 67AA (Principal activity is the provision of entertainment)
   133.    Amendment of s 105 (Requirements for applications)
   134.    Insertion of new s 105A
           135. Amendment of s 107A (Additional restriction on grant of licence)
   136.    Amendment of s 107D (Restriction on grant of adult entertainment permit)
   137.    Amendment of s 116 (When community impact statement to be given to commissioner)
   138.    Amendment of s 117 (Advice about application etc.)
   139.    Amendment of s 118 (Advertisement of applications)
   140.    Insertion of new s 118AA
           141. Amendment of s 118A (Submissions)
           142. Amendment of s 121 (Matters the commissioner must have regard to)
   143.    Amendment of s 122 (Procedure on receipt of objections)
   144.    Amendment of s 141 (Order to close premises for unlawful trading)
   145.    Amendment of pt 5A, hdg (Trainers for licensee's course and approved training course)
   146.    Amendment of s 142B (Applying for approval as trainer)
   147.    Amendment of s 142C (Deciding application)
   148.    Amendment of s 142G (Deciding application)
   149.    Amendment of s 142L (Grounds for cancellation)
   150.    Amendment of s 153 (Letting or subletting of licensed premises)
   151.    Amendment of s 155 (Minors on premises)
   151A.   Amendment of s 155AC (Application of div 1A)
   152.    Amendment of s 155AD (Who must be present or reasonably available at licensed premises etc.)
   153.    Replacement of s 155AE (Approved managers register)
   154.    Amendment of s 155AF (Exemption from obligation under s 155AD(3))
           155. Amendment of s 168C (Attempt to take liquor into restricted area)
   156.    Amendment of s 199 (Definitions for pt 9)
   157.    Omission of s 219 (Community investment fund)
   158.    Replacement of s 220 (Disbursement of fees etc.)
   159.    Amendment of s 309 (Guidelines of chief executive or commissioner continue as guidelines of commissioner)
   160.    Insertion of new pt 12, div 13
           Part 11--Amendment of Lotteries Act 1997
   161.    Act amended
   162.    Amendment of s 40 (Meaning of key employee)
   163.    Amendment of s 59 (Grounds)
           164. Omission of s 99A (Application of lottery tax)
   165.    Amendment of s 100 (Lottery to be conducted under an approved control system)
   166.    Replacement of ss 101–104
           167. Insertion of new pt 12, div 7
   168.    Amendment of sch 2 (Decisions of chief executive subject to appeal)
   169.    Amendment of sch 3 (Dictionary)
           Part 12--Amendment of Recording of Evidence Act 1962
   170.    Act amended
   171.    Amendment of s 5B (Availability of copies of records and transcriptions)
           Part 13--Amendment of Supreme Court Library Act 1968
   172.    Act amended
   173.    Insertion of new pt 1, hdg
   174.    Amendment of s 2 (Definitions)
           175. Insertion of new pt 2, hdg
   176.    Replacement of s 3, hdg (Supreme Court library committee)
   177.    Replacement of s 10 (Functions of committee)
   178.    Insertion of new pt 3 and sch 1
           Part 14--Amendment of Wagering Act 1998
   179.    Act amended
   180.    Amendment of s 95 (Meaning of key employee)
   181.    Amendment of s 123 (Grounds)
           182. Omission of s 169 (Application of wagering tax)
   183.    Amendment of s 173 (Authorised wagering to be conducted under an approved control system)
   184.    Replacement of ss 174–177
           185. Amendment of s 291 (When authority operators may apply for review)
   186.    Insertion of new pt 17, div 5
   187.    Amendment of sch 2 (Dictionary)
           Part 15--Amendment of Work Health and Safety Act 2011
   188.    Act amended
   189.    Replacement of s 2 (Commencement)
           190. Amendment of sch 4 (Minor and consequential amendments)

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